If you’ve spent any time on the site, you know that Sam Devlin’s design catalog spans decades and contains hundreds of boats and variations. In a way, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Most designs involve many preliminary drawings, sketches, variations, and concepts. Sam’s sketchbook is where you can find a free-form glimpse into the never-ending process of a relentless, unstoppable boat designer.

Sketchbook 7-30-16 #2 - Albacore 38 and 44 Powerboats Albacore 38 Length 38’-2” Beam 11’-8” Draft 2’-8” Disp. Est. 18,800 lbs. Albacore 44 Length 44’-3” Beam 13’-7” Draft 3’-2” Disp. Est. 28,800 lbs. I worked up this pair of designs for the landlord of our former boatbuilding shop. He sort of liked my boats but being a bit of ... Read more
Sketchbook 7-30-16 #1 - Blue Fin 50 Passagemaker Length 50’-2” Beam 12’-8” Draft 50” Disp. Est. 43,000 lbs. Sail Area 672 sq. ft. in 3 sails total You would have to agree with me that these are strange times in the U.S. and with an election coming soon, hate is literally promoted as a patriotic reaction to a rapidly ... Read more
Sketchbook 7-28-16 #1 - Shearwater 38 M.S. Length 37’-8” Beam 12’-2” Draft 48” Disp. Est. 28,000 lbs. Sail Area 248 total I wandered across the Shearwater 38 design in my files today and spent a few hours working on a true motorsailer version of it. This drawing and its weight of customer input (in this case my own dreams) ... Read more
Sockeye for 7-footer Sketchbook 7-26-16 Design#2 - Sockeye 63-7 Length 63’-6” Beam 18’-6” Draft 6’-7” Disp. Est. 86,000   A very pleasant Sunday afternoon phone conversation with ‘Jeff’ a prospective boat buyer very soon outlined a potential problem with the design that he was interested in. You see Jeff is 7ft. tall and while I design my boats for tall people the ... Read more
Sketchbook 7-26-16 Design#1 - Surf Scout 22 Length 22’-9” Beam 8’-2” Draft engine up 1’-6” Disp. Est. 4000   An email request for building plans on the Scout 20 (which we currently are not offering on our website) was the initial inspiration on what could happen if we modified the current Surf Scoter 22 design (which we do have ... Read more