There are as many ways to go fishing as there are fish in the sea. Some of the best ways happen from the deck of a solid, beautiful boat. That’s probably why Sam Devlin has so many answers to the question of fishing. Just as you can drop a line in the water from any good stretch of riverbank, you can fish from any boat in the catalog. How you do it points to different designs. As you wander the Devlin catalog, you’ll discover that he offers designs that support great fishing from anywhere, from that same river or a quiet cove to blue water fishing with professional rigs. In any case, you can get to the fishing grounds and home again in style, comfort, safety – and in some designs – ludicrous speed.

Candlefish 13 - The Candlefish 13 is a versatile small fishing boat. Originally designed to be a cartoppable fishing skiff for high latitude rivers and lakes, she has also proven to be an excellent yacht tender.
Drifter 15 - The Devlin Drifter 15 is a rugged, easy build design for a classic drift boat, waiting for your fishing adventures.
Candlefish 16 - The Candlefish 16 is a burdensome fishing skiff. Deep and seaworthy, it is wonderfully suited to life in our changeable weather and strong tides.
Noddy 16 - The Devlin Noddy 16 is a simple, versatile cabin fishing boat designed especially for use on the Puget Sound.
Candlefish 18 - The Candlefish 18 is an open design based on the proven Pelicano 18 hull with a variety of features to make her a rugged and highly usable boat.
Curlew 20 - The Curlew 20 is an open design fishing powerboat that can be tailored easily to your specific needs.
Bullfrog 20 - The Bullfrog 20 is a compact, outboard powered fishing boat with a high volume hull and the ability for some extended cruising.
Adeline at the dock Pelicano 20 - The Pelicano 20 is a longer version of the Pelicano18. It add some cabin livability without sacrificing any of the easy trailerability or the garage storage option of the 18 footer.
Sea Bug 20 - The Sea Bug is a more compact version of the Sea Chaser, an inboard fisher with enough cabin to live comfortably on fishing trips.
Sea Chaser - The Sea Chaser is a seaworthy and versatile fisherman powered by a gas inboard with a cabin for shelter and rest.
Mud Dauber 23 - Part workboat, part heavy hauler, part landing craft, and a side order of hunting and fishing, the Devlin Mud Dauber may be one of the most amazing utilitarian boats in the whole catalog.
Gannet 25 - The Gannet 25 is a twin outboard speedster for blasting around the waterways or settling in for a long day of cruising with friends.
Kingfisher 30 - The Kingfisher 30 is a working boat, the design driven by the needs of actual working fishermen. Given that mandate, Sam has conjured up a fair amount of comfort in a vessel that will see terrible weather and sea conditions. Read Sam's notes for the details.
Black Crown 30 - The Black Crown 30 is the latest in a long line of high quality power cruisers. Conceived for speedy or leisurely travel in comfort. Designed with the classic Devlin style. The best of the past built for the future.
Pyladian 31 - The Pyladian 31 is a luxury performance cruiser from Devlin Boats. Her 300hp diesel and relatively shallow draft allow you to travel far and fast. Her interior appointments and high level of finish take you there in comfort.
Kingfisher 32 Cruiser - The Kingfisher 32 Cruiser is a livable, long range cruiser, built and styled along the lines of a traditional Northwest salmon fishing boat. A boat built for adventure.
Kingfisher 32 Troller - The Kingfisher 32 Troller is the more work-oriented version of the Kingfisher. Shorter cabin, longer working deck, and a bundle of innovations to make this a boat worth owning.
Red Salmon 33 - The Red Salmon is a high performance cabin cruiser with solid fishing leanings. In addition to disappearing in a hurry on twin 300hp outboards, she features the Mercury joystick maneuvering system for incredible ease of docking and handling. Hang on!
Kingfisher 33 - The Kingfisher 33 design became a reality with its launch recently in Olympia.  It’s featured on the cover of the November 2017 issue of Passagemaker Magazine and as part of an in depth article on the history of Devlin Boat in the same issue.  This is a diesel powered inboard cruising boat with a large ... Read more
Storm Petrel 34 - The Storm Petrel combines the working features of a lobster boat with the comfortable amenities of a cruiser, all packaged in Devlin's classic design language.
Kingfisher 36 - The Kingfisher 36 takes the balanced formula of the smaller Kingfishers and adds more space and range to make for a really great cruising platform.
Kokanee 36 - The Kokanee 36 is a concept design aimed at true functionality as a working fishing boat under sail. It's both an homage to the fishing vessels of history, and the modern touches that make it a reliable and comfortable vessel.
Dynamo Too 38 - The Dynamo Too is a concept design from Sam Devlin that hides a luxurious cruiser in the clothes of a traditional working boat. Plus you can catch a whole lot of fish!
Josephine 40 - Born of a man's love affair with an antique boat, the Josephine 40 is a modern adaptation in many configurations. All the charm with the ease, convenience, and low upkeep of a modern boat.