Devlin Design & Technology


Design, whether for boats, toasters, or hotel rooms, is the process of balancing many factors and constraints into a beautiful, unified whole. Overall lines, balance of elements, visual dynamics, and sight lines all come into play. In the case of something functional, like a boat, the aesthetics are just the beginning.  Power, displacement, intelligent allocation of interior space, how to get the myriad of working parts to fit, the balance of various aspects of performance for the design goals of a particular boat, and so many others… All tug at the designer’s attention in a grand walk across a tightrope until the design emerges, ready to meet its seaworthy mission. Lots of designers can solve the technical challenges, but few if any can achieve it with the magic of classic nautical lines carried intact into a highly refined, modern, and functional final product.

Black Crown 30crop


From here, you can explore Sam’s process, the basics of our building method, the benefits of wood as a boat building material, and the team behind Devlin Boats.