Available as a Kit

The Devlin designs are available as a precision cut CNC kit. All of Sam’s construction plans enable you to build from raw materials, but the value of the kit is twofold. First, we source the best materials for your project. Second, the accuracy of CNC cutting ensures that you will have an easy time building your boat straight and true. The kits provide a solid foundation for building your boat the way you want to build it.

Click on the following link to see and order our build kits.      http://www.devlinkits.com


Micro Petrel - The Micro Petrel is a great 8' yacht tender. She is the design response to the need for a small, rugged, lightweight yacht tender.
Lit’l Petrel - The Devlin Lit'l Petrel is the big sister to the Micro Petrel. She has the same ease of use, the same easy build, and the same utility.
Bella 10 Skiff - Originally designed to teach boatbuilding technique, the Devlin Bella 10 is an easy building, elegant design that comes together in a fast rowing, lightweight skiff.
Bella 12 - The Devlin Bella 12 is a boat that will row nicely with one or two aboard, yet be able to accept a very small outboard for those longer trips.
Candlefish 13 - The Candlefish 13 is a versatile small fishing boat. Originally designed to be a cartoppable fishing skiff for high latitude rivers and lakes, she has also proven to be an excellent yacht tender.
Cackler 14 - The Devlin Cackler is a new generation hunting skiff designed for hunting in areas where seaworthiness is essential and at a time of year when great distances may need to be covered in a hurry to avoid cold nasty weather.
Nancy’s China - Devlin's Nancy's China is easy to handle, easy to set up from trailer, and an enjoyable sailboat that was an instant success for Devlin Designing Boatbuilders.
Egret - The first Devlin design, the Egret is a proven 15' 3" open sail-and-oar adventurer. Easily singlehanded, she is stiff, stable, and comfortable in a breeze.
Candlefish 16 - The Candlefish 16 is a burdensome fishing skiff. Deep and seaworthy, it is wonderfully suited to life in our changeable weather and strong tides.
Oarling II - Sleek lines and a beautiful sheer make the Oarling a delight to row and own. She is light, responsive and easily maneuvered, providing great transportation for the single oarsman or with passengers and cargo.
Eider - The Devlin Eider is a wonderful 17' 3" cabin sailboat. It is a great step up in size and function from the 15' Nancy's China, yet is still compact and trailerable.
Duckling 17 - Sleek lines and a beautiful sheer make the Devlin Duckling a delight to row and own. She is light and responsive and easily handled, providing great exercise for the single oarsman.
Dipper 17 - The Dipper 17 was designed for the fisherman and pleasure cruiser that wants to get in and out of the weather and for the diehards that want to be out no matter what the weather.
Pelicano 18 Shrimper - The Shrimper version of the Pelicano 18 has the heart of a workboat in a modern, fast planing hull.
Lit’l Coot - The Devlin Lit'l Coot is a wonderful little pocket sailing cruiser, ideally suited to the waters of Puget Sound or the inside passage.
Dipper 19 - Originally designed to fit in a 20' shipping container, the Dipper 19 is roomy inside, making for a comfortable, economical cruiser
Surf Scoter 22 - The venerable Devlin Surf Scoter 22, revised for two cabin configurations and outboard power.
Pelicano 23 - The Pelicano 23 is the largest model of the Pelicano and offers the unique combination of real world durability mixed with the classic Devlin style. Every configuration presents a very practical boat for a wide range of needs. It's available in plan and CNC cut kit form.