Here are the Sam Devlin designed sailboats, from smallest to largest.


Sandpiper - This 8 foot rowing and sailing dingy was designed as a day sailer and yacht tender. The ease of handling, large carrying capacity, and its versatility for rowing and sailing are accentuated by the fact that Sandpiper weighs only 63 pounds.
Guppy - The Guppy is a fine candidate for the all around dingy/skiff/small sailboat, without vice, she does her job efficiently and smoothly.
Mud Peep - Grace and motion says it all when describing the Mud Peep under sail. She is a light, responsive, and fast enough for good transportation.
Zephyr - The Zephyr was designed as a delightful daysailer inspired by 1870-designed Melonseeds and Seaford Skiffs of the New Jersey and New York coast. These boats were used as rowing and sailing-hunting boats.
Duckling 14 Sail - If you want the clean design of the Duckling 14, but you prefer to have the wind do all the work. A sleek sailboat in a compact package.
Nancy’s China - Devlin's Nancy's China is easy to handle, easy to set up from trailer, and an enjoyable sailboat that was an instant success for Devlin Designing Boatbuilders.
Egret - The first Devlin design, the Egret is a proven 15' 3" open sail-and-oar adventurer. Easily singlehanded, she is stiff, stable, and comfortable in a breeze.
Nancy’s China DC - In this new version of our old favorite, Nancy's China gets an electric motor built right into the rudder.
Eider - The Devlin Eider is a wonderful 17' 3" cabin sailboat. It is a great step up in size and function from the 15' Nancy's China, yet is still compact and trailerable.
Lit’l Coot - The Devlin Lit'l Coot is a wonderful little pocket sailing cruiser, ideally suited to the waters of Puget Sound or the inside passage.
Lit’l Coot Full Keel - The Devlin Lit'l Coot Full Keel is a trailerable pocket cruiser that works equally well under motor and sail.
Wompus Cat - The Devlin Wompus Cat is probably the simplest boat to enjoy an afternoon of sailing, either alone or with friends.
Winter Wren - Elegance in a small package, the Winter Wren is perfect for the cruising couple.
Winter Wren II - This boat is designed to be the ultimate in a pocket yacht with a tidy 176 sq. ft. sail plan.
Sea Swift - The protected waters of the Northwest offer a myriad of uses for a seaworthy boat like Sea Swift.
Lichen - The Lichen is a 20 ft. traditional sailboat with a leaning toward shallow draft and maximized interior space.
Marsh Wren - The Marsh Wren is a larger refinement of the Nancy's China, a 20' (LOD) sailboat with both open cockpit daysailer and cabin versions.
Song Wren 21 - The Song Wren 21 is designed as a responsive yet relaxing sailboat for everything from day trips to weekend cruises.
Auk - The Auk is a customer driven concept design for a motorsailor. If she catches your eye, be sure to let us know.
Arctic Tern - The Arctic Tern is a seaworthy and versatile cruising sailboat with enough cabin space to make the trip worthwhile.
Curlew 24 - The Curlew 24 is one of Sam's last hand drawn concept designs, squarely aimed at the goals of comfortable and stable cruising.
Sooty Tern - The Sooty Tern is a graceful extension of the Arctic Tern sailboat with a Gaff Rig and a few more creature comforts for extended cruising.
Kestrel - The Kestrel is a concept design exploring the evolution of the Arctic Tern sailboat. If you need a bigger Arctic Tern, please contact us.
Onyx - The Onxy is a capable sailing vessel for longer cruises and variable conditions. She incorporates a simpler overall design with a more elaborate hull form and the kind of interior cabin that will take you on new journeys in comfort.
Means of Grace - The Means of Grace is an older Devlin design that nonetheless leads to an excellent sailing cruiser. It has a stable and high performance hull and the room onboard to stretch out and enjoy the journey.
Moss Rock - The Moss Rock is a sailing vessel that eschews maximum performance for interior volume. She can stuff your portable life into a stable sailboat maximized for comfort.
Whimbrel 32 - The Whimbrel is a custom commissioned schooner, built for extended and graceful cruising on the waters of the Northwest.
Camarone 34 - The Camarone 34 is a motorsailor for extended cruising and spacious accommodations, designed to operate equally well under sail and diesel power.
Peregrin 36 - The Peregrin 36 is a Devlin concept design for a long range sailing yacht with the long, low lines of crisp sailing performance and long term comfort for your adventures in northern waters.
Kokanee 36 - The Kokanee 36 is a concept design aimed at true functionality as a working fishing boat under sail. It's both an homage to the fishing vessels of history, and the modern touches that make it a reliable and comfortable vessel.
Hope of Glory - The Hope Of Glory is another of our fantailed stern hulls with a lovely balance to her lines and a ketch rig for proper and easy sail handling by a short-handed crew.
Josephine 40 - Born of a man's love affair with an antique boat, the Josephine 40 is a modern adaptation in many configurations. All the charm with the ease, convenience, and low upkeep of a modern boat.
Oysta 42 - The Oysta 42 is a true 50/50 motor sailor capable of motoring through any sea condition; with the sail-assist it's capable of doubling its useful cruising range.
Oysta 62 - The Ultimate Oysta, the big'un, the Oysta 62 is an aft-pilothouse dream cruiser for long duration adventures into almost any conditions in total comfort. Being a true 50/50 motorsailor, she's also capable of remarkable economy for such a big girl - not to mention reenacting battles from the age of sail with your friends or hosting an entire family reunion above the Arctic Circle...