Pre-Loved Devlin Boats

Bella – Bella 10 Rowing Skiff - The Bella 10 could be considered the complete distillation of Sam Devlin's design aesthetic. It's small, rugged, efficient, and can serve multiple roles. As a recreation rower, it leans toward efficient transfer of human power, as a tender it make life easier for your larger boat. As a way to get outside of daily concerns, it rewards you as an inexpensive way to get on the water. As a building project, it doesn't get much easier.
New Penny – Marsh Wren Gaff Sloop – 2017 - t would be safe to call the Marsh Wren an evolutionary design in the Devlin catalog. She’s a refined synthesis of a long history of sailboat design in a form that is small enough for convenience and large enough for an entire family as a daysailer.
Diana – Beals Island Lobster Boat – 1952-2002 - Another historical boat from Devlin. This one exemplifies a certain school of Maine lobster boat design but also works as a perfect day cruiser for ports, both east and west.
Owl – Historic 19 ft. Launch Redesigned – 1957-2016 - With the Owl, you get a boat that properly combines history with modern design and technology.
Candlefish 13 – 2014 - The Candlefish 13 is a versatile small fishing boat. Originally designed to be a cartoppable fishing skiff for high latitude rivers and lakes, she has also proven to be an excellent yacht tender.
Adeline Sea Trials Adeline – Pelicano 20 – 2015 - Adeline is a traditional speedboat, runabout, fishing boat, with the bonus of some cabin space under the bow. She's trailerable and capable of weekend fishing trips wherever you care to take her.
GooselodgeII GooseLodge II – Surf Runner 25 – 2004 - The Surf Runner 25 packs a lot of function into a classic runabout with performance to cover the distance and the comfort to take you there in style.
MoonGlow – Black Crown 29 – 1995 - The Moonglow is an excellent build of the Devlin Black Crown design. She is capable of good performance, comfortable accomodations, and long range cruising in a wide range of conditions.
Zelda Belle – Surf Scoter 26 – 2006 - The Zelda Belle is a very versatile and livable boat for recreation and long range cruising with enough performance to accommodate your adventures in boating.