Pre-Loved Devlin Boats

Bella – Bella 10 Rowing Skiff - The Bella 10 could be considered the complete distillation of Sam Devlin's design aesthetic. It's small, rugged, efficient, and can serve multiple roles. As a recreation rower, it leans toward efficient transfer of human power, as a tender it make life easier for your larger boat. As a way to get outside of daily concerns, it rewards you as an inexpensive way to get on the water. As a building project, it doesn't get much easier.
New Penny – Marsh Wren Gaff Sloop – 2017 - t would be safe to call the Marsh Wren an evolutionary design in the Devlin catalog. She’s a refined synthesis of a long history of sailboat design in a form that is small enough for convenience and large enough for an entire family as a daysailer.
Diana – Beals Island Lobster Boat – 1952-2002 - Another historical boat from Devlin. This one exemplifies a certain school of Maine lobster boat design but also works as a perfect day cruiser for ports, both east and west.
Owl – Historic 19 ft. Launch Redesigned – 1957-2016 - With the Owl, you get a boat that properly combines history with modern design and technology.
Candlefish 13 – 2014 - The Candlefish 13 is a versatile small fishing boat. Originally designed to be a cartoppable fishing skiff for high latitude rivers and lakes, she has also proven to be an excellent yacht tender.
GooselodgeII GooseLodge II – Surf Runner 25 – 2004 - The Surf Runner 25 packs a lot of function into a classic runabout with performance to cover the distance and the comfort to take you there in style.
MoonGlow – Black Crown 29 – 1995 - The Moonglow is an excellent build of the Devlin Black Crown design. She is capable of good performance, comfortable accomodations, and long range cruising in a wide range of conditions.
Zelda Belle – Surf Scoter 26 – 2006 - The Zelda Belle is a very versatile and livable boat for recreation and long range cruising with enough performance to accommodate your adventures in boating.