Available as Plans

Sam Devlin produces a LOT of plans. Most of them, he makes available for anyone to build. This is where you can see his designs that are available as plans. They come in two basic flavors: Study Plans and Construction Plans. Study plans are inexpensive and give you the opportunity to examine detailed a scale drawing of the design. Construction plans are vastly detailed and can lead you through the entire build of a boat. The price varies with the complexity of the design. There are boats that exist as study plans only, and the reason is that the development of a full set of construction plans can take hundreds of hours. If you see a boat that you would like to see developed, be sure to talk to Sam.


Small Fry Dinghy - The ‘Small Fry’ fits nicely on the bow of his boat, doesn’t get in the way, is light enough to the lowered over the side without lifting tackle, can be towed if needed, and most importantly, is a good safe boat that is worry free.
Micro Petrel - The Micro Petrel is a great 8' yacht tender. She is the design response to the need for a small, rugged, lightweight yacht tender.
Polliwog - The Polliwog is a great entry into wooden boat building! With the Polliwog, it is our intention to offer the amateur builder the opportunity to build a lightweight and strong dinghy or tender. Polliwog's performance is crisp, clean and efficient - you won't be disappointed.
Sandpiper - This 8 foot rowing and sailing dingy was designed as a day sailer and yacht tender. The ease of handling, large carrying capacity, and its versatility for rowing and sailing are accentuated by the fact that Sandpiper weighs only 63 pounds.
Lit’l Petrel - The Devlin Lit'l Petrel is the big sister to the Micro Petrel. She has the same ease of use, the same easy build, and the same utility.
Guppy - The Guppy is a fine candidate for the all around dingy/skiff/small sailboat, without vice, she does her job efficiently and smoothly.
Bella 10 Skiff - Originally designed to teach boatbuilding technique, the Devlin Bella 10 is an easy building, elegant design that comes together in a fast rowing, lightweight skiff.
Broadbill - The "Broadbill" is intended for the solo hunter, being small enough and light enough to fit into the back of a pickup or you might even consider cartopping.
Mud Peep - Grace and motion says it all when describing the Mud Peep under sail. She is a light, responsive, and fast enough for good transportation.
Peeper - Grace and motion says it all when describing the Devlin Peeper. She is a pleasure to row, light, responsive, and fast enough for good transportation.
Bella 12 - The Devlin Bella 12 is a boat that will row nicely with one or two aboard, yet be able to accept a very small outboard for those longer trips.
Bluebill - The Bluebill is a sneakbox style duckboat designed for a 20hp outboard, with a few key innovative features for better performance and utility.
Candlefish 13 - The Candlefish 13 is a versatile small fishing boat. Originally designed to be a cartoppable fishing skiff for high latitude rivers and lakes, she has also proven to be an excellent yacht tender.
Mallard - The venerable Devlin Mallard is a proven sneakbox style boat that can take a 15hp outboard, but also excels at rowing.
Poleboat - The Devlin Poleboat is a modern take on a traditional marsh hunting boat. A simpler boat from a simpler time...
Cackler 14 - The Devlin Cackler is a new generation hunting skiff designed for hunting in areas where seaworthiness is essential and at a time of year when great distances may need to be covered in a hurry to avoid cold nasty weather.
Zephyr - The Zephyr was designed as a delightful daysailer inspired by 1870-designed Melonseeds and Seaford Skiffs of the New Jersey and New York coast. These boats were used as rowing and sailing-hunting boats.
Pond Skipper - A small and easily launched kayak that combines Devlin's rugged stitch and glue construction with an efficient paddle explorer.
Black Brant II - The Devlin Black Brant II may just be the ultimate duckboat. Good for hunters and their dogs.
Black Brant III - If you need a duckboat to operate in shallower water, are traveling quite a distance from launch-ramp to the hunting area, and a couple of inches more of sitting blind height doesn't hurt, then by all means choose the Devlin Black Brant III.
Duckling 14 Rower - The Duckling 14 Rower is a proper rowing boat in a compact and easily handled package.
Duckling 14 Sail - If you want the clean design of the Duckling 14, but you prefer to have the wind do all the work. A sleek sailboat in a compact package.
Egret - The first Devlin design, the Egret is a proven 15' 3" open sail-and-oar adventurer. Easily singlehanded, she is stiff, stable, and comfortable in a breeze.
Nancy’s China - Devlin's Nancy's China is easy to handle, easy to set up from trailer, and an enjoyable sailboat that was an instant success for Devlin Designing Boatbuilders.
Drifter 15 - The Devlin Drifter 15 is a rugged, easy build design for a classic drift boat, waiting for your fishing adventures.
Nancy’s China DC - In this new version of our old favorite, Nancy's China gets an electric motor built right into the rudder.
Sculldugery - The Devlin Sculldugery is a purpose built boat for those of you who like to sneak up on your waterfowl.
Candlefish 16 - The Candlefish 16 is a burdensome fishing skiff. Deep and seaworthy, it is wonderfully suited to life in our changeable weather and strong tides.
Snow Goose - The Devlin Snow Goose is a remarkably versatile motorboat for hunting, fishing, and just about anything else that you might do with a solid 3-person boat.
Bella 16 - The Bella 16 is the largest in the Bella series, designed to build easily to row well with a load, and to look good while doing it.
Godzilli 16 - The Devlin Godzilli 16 is a small workboat with undeniable charm and character, like a Yorkie that thinks he's a Rottweiler.
Noddy 16 - The Devlin Noddy 16 is a simple, versatile cabin fishing boat designed especially for use on the Puget Sound.
Scaup 16 - The Scaup 16 is a sneakbox style duckboat with enough room for three hunters, 120 decoys, and a faithful canine companion.
Dipper 17 - The Dipper 17 was designed for the fisherman and pleasure cruiser that wants to get in and out of the weather and for the diehards that want to be out no matter what the weather.
Duckling 17 - Sleek lines and a beautiful sheer make the Devlin Duckling a delight to row and own. She is light and responsive and easily handled, providing great exercise for the single oarsman.
Eider - The Devlin Eider is a wonderful 17' 3" cabin sailboat. It is a great step up in size and function from the 15' Nancy's China, yet is still compact and trailerable.
Oarling II - Sleek lines and a beautiful sheer make the Oarling a delight to row and own. She is light, responsive and easily maneuvered, providing great transportation for the single oarsman or with passengers and cargo.
Honker - The Honker is a lightweight, shallow draft vessel that, with a 60 horse outboard, can race along at 30 knots or idle for hours while trolling for salmon or bottom fish.
Lit’l Coot - The Devlin Lit'l Coot is a wonderful little pocket sailing cruiser, ideally suited to the waters of Puget Sound or the inside passage.
Pelicano 18 Shrimper - The Shrimper version of the Pelicano 18 has the heart of a workboat in a modern, fast planing hull.
Pelicano 18 Center Console - The center console version of the Devlin Pelicano 18 is a nimble, versatile, and seaworthy open fisherman.
Pelicano 18 Bassboat - The Devlin Pelicano Bassboat is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to maximize "livability" in a 18'-4" speedboat.
Lit’l Coot Full Keel - The Devlin Lit'l Coot Full Keel is a trailerable pocket cruiser that works equally well under motor and sail.
Candlefish 18 - The Candlefish 18 is an open design based on the proven Pelicano 18 hull with a variety of features to make her a rugged and highly usable boat.
Bay Skipper - The Bay Skipper is an interesting design. It converts from a two person paddler to a sliding seat rower in minutes.
Dipper 19 - Originally designed to fit in a 20' shipping container, the Dipper 19 is roomy inside, making for a comfortable, economical cruiser
Wompus Cat - The Devlin Wompus Cat is probably the simplest boat to enjoy an afternoon of sailing, either alone or with friends.
Winter Wren - Elegance in a small package, the Winter Wren is perfect for the cruising couple.
Winter Wren II - This boat is designed to be the ultimate in a pocket yacht with a tidy 176 sq. ft. sail plan.
Sea Swift - The protected waters of the Northwest offer a myriad of uses for a seaworthy boat like Sea Swift.
Lichen - The Lichen is a 20 ft. traditional sailboat with a leaning toward shallow draft and maximized interior space.
Curlew 20 - The Curlew 20 is an open design fishing powerboat that can be tailored easily to your specific needs.
Bullfrog 20 - The Bullfrog 20 is a compact, outboard powered fishing boat with a high volume hull and the ability for some extended cruising.
Marsh Wren - The Marsh Wren is a larger refinement of the Nancy's China, a 20' (LOD) sailboat with both open cockpit daysailer and cabin versions.
Millie Hill 20 - The Millie Hill is the clever marriage of tiny house and houseboat. It's an ideal solution to an economical getaway on the water.
Fairhaven Flyer 20 - The Devlin Fairhaven Flyer is an expedition rowing dory, designed for multiple approaches to adventure in human powered form.
Sea Bug 20 - The Sea Bug is a more compact version of the Sea Chaser, an inboard fisher with enough cabin to live comfortably on fishing trips.
Song Wren 21 - The Song Wren 21 is designed as a responsive yet relaxing sailboat for everything from day trips to weekend cruises.
Chinook 21 - The Chinook is wonderful little cruiser, inboard diesel powered and trailerable, with several cabin configurations.
Little Cod 21 - The Little Cod 21 is a larger version of the Cackler design, and offers a stable, high volume base for a variety of boat styles.
Lingcod Series - The Lingcods range from 21 -32 ft. and are perfect bases for everything from a working utility skiff to small houseboats. Choose a size and begin the process of building an economical and completely personal boat.
Archimedes 22 - You want your boating with an even more broad blending of classic and high tech? Want to explore power systems from 3 centuries? Check out the Archimedes 22!
River Crawler 22 - The River Crawler is a concept design that combines a shallow draft with a proper cruising cavern. Perhaps it can explore a river near you.
Arctic Tern - The Arctic Tern is a seaworthy and versatile cruising sailboat with enough cabin space to make the trip worthwhile.
Dunlin 22 - The Dunlin 22 has the soul of a workboat and the comfort of a classic Devlin design. Cruise the waters or tow something inordinately large, in one of two configurations.
Godzilla 22 - If you have ever thought that you want your very own tugboat, one made with rugged Devlin technology, the Godzilla 22 is where the fun - and the work - begins.
Sea Chaser - The Sea Chaser is a seaworthy and versatile fisherman powered by a gas inboard with a cabin for shelter and rest.
Surf Scoter 22 - The venerable Devlin Surf Scoter 22, revised for two cabin configurations and outboard power.
Pelicano 23 - The Pelicano 23 is the largest model of the Pelicano and offers the unique combination of real world durability mixed with the classic Devlin style. Every configuration presents a very practical boat for a wide range of needs. It's available in plan and CNC cut kit form.
Mud Dauber 23 - Part workboat, part heavy hauler, part landing craft, and a side order of hunting and fishing, the Devlin Mud Dauber may be one of the most amazing utilitarian boats in the whole catalog.
Curlew 24 - The Curlew 24 is one of Sam's last hand drawn concept designs, squarely aimed at the goals of comfortable and stable cruising.
Sooty Tern - The Sooty Tern is a graceful extension of the Arctic Tern sailboat with a Gaff Rig and a few more creature comforts for extended cruising.
Gannet 25 - The Gannet 25 is a twin outboard speedster for blasting around the waterways or settling in for a long day of cruising with friends.
Godzilla 25 - The Godzilla is still a mini-tug, but it's a bigger mini tug, if that makes any kind of sense. More power, more space, and more comfort in case you want to do more than just tug things.
Surf Runner 25 - The Surf Runner 25 packs a lot of function into a classic runabout with performance to cover the distance and the comfort to take you there in style.
Blue Blazer 25 - The Devlin Blue Blazer, named for the jacket, not a retro spaceship, is designed as a comfortable yet classy cruiser for you and your fair weather friends.
Surf Scoter 26 - The largest of the Surf Scoter series, the 26 foot version offers a bundle of smart features for comfortable cruising.
Kingfisher 26 - The Kingfisher 26 is smallest of Devlin's series of double-ended workboat style cruisers. She'll take 3 passengers just about anywhere.
Kestrel - The Kestrel is a concept design exploring the evolution of the Arctic Tern sailboat. If you need a bigger Arctic Tern, please contact us.
Tugzilla 26 - The Tugzilla 26 is a larger and stronger version of the smaller boats in Devlins tug series, but still maintains the ability to operate in much tighter conditions than a traditional tug. She is also much less expensive to operate and maintain. A good expression of tugboat dreams in a practical vessel.
Amak Tugboats - The Amak Tugboats are a series of concept designs, born of a lifelong love of the tugboat form, and they are just waiting for an excuse to be developed. They range in size from 26 to 44 feet. If a tugboat calls to you, there's an Amak to do the job.
Onyx - The Onxy is a capable sailing vessel for longer cruises and variable conditions. She incorporates a simpler overall design with a more elaborate hull form and the kind of interior cabin that will take you on new journeys in comfort.
Millie Hill 28 - The Millie Hill 28 is a houseboat, a shanty boat. It's designed to maximize living space like a stationary houseboat, but with the addition of an outboard motor, it is fully capable of moving from place to place. To be fair though, the cool boat kids would just go ahead and build a matching tug to tow her around and impress the ladies.
Means of Grace - The Means of Grace is an older Devlin design that nonetheless leads to an excellent sailing cruiser. It has a stable and high performance hull and the room onboard to stretch out and enjoy the journey.
Kingfisher 30 - The Kingfisher 30 is a working boat, the design driven by the needs of actual working fishermen. Given that mandate, Sam has conjured up a fair amount of comfort in a vessel that will see terrible weather and sea conditions. Read Sam's notes for the details.
Czarinna 30 - The Czarinna 30 is a leisurely cruiser that leans in favor of cabin space and economical range. She displays graceful lines from a golden era of yachting and carries you where you want to go with plenty of room to stretch out, stay warm, and enjoy the ride.
Black Crown 30 - The Black Crown 30 is the latest in a long line of high quality power cruisers. Conceived for speedy or leisurely travel in comfort. Designed with the classic Devlin style. The best of the past built for the future.
Kingfisher 32 Cruiser - The Kingfisher 32 Cruiser is a livable, long range cruiser, built and styled along the lines of a traditional Northwest salmon fishing boat. A boat built for adventure.
Kingfisher 32 Troller - The Kingfisher 32 Troller is the more work-oriented version of the Kingfisher. Shorter cabin, longer working deck, and a bundle of innovations to make this a boat worth owning.
Scarlet Macaw 33 - With over 500hp of diesel power under the throttles, the Scarlet Macaw 33 is the boating equivalent of a 7 series Beemer. Big, fast, agile, comfortable, and polished.
Topknot 10 Meter - The Topknot is a classic 'picnic boat' style cruiser with modern power and amenities. A great boat for day cruising with a whole lot of friends.
Camarone 34 - The Camarone 34 is a motorsailor for extended cruising and spacious accommodations, designed to operate equally well under sail and diesel power.
Kingfisher 33 - The Kingfisher 33 design became a reality with its launch recently in Olympia.  It’s featured on the cover of the November 2017 issue of Passagemaker Magazine and as part of an in depth article on the history of Devlin Boat in the same issue.  This is a diesel powered inboard cruising boat with a large ... Read more
Czarinna 35 - The Czarinna 35 shifts the balance in favor of cabin space, comfort, and livability in a graceful long range cruising yacht. A traditional expression of nautical grace with the cruising range to enjoy your travels.
Kingfisher 36 - The Kingfisher 36 takes the balanced formula of the smaller Kingfishers and adds more space and range to make for a really great cruising platform.
Peregrin 36 - The Peregrin 36 is a Devlin concept design for a long range sailing yacht with the long, low lines of crisp sailing performance and long term comfort for your adventures in northern waters.
Kokanee 36 - The Kokanee 36 is a concept design aimed at true functionality as a working fishing boat under sail. It's both an homage to the fishing vessels of history, and the modern touches that make it a reliable and comfortable vessel.
Shearwater 38 - The Shearwater 38 is a concept design waiting for a reason for being. Not for lack of purpose... After all, this is the result of what happens when two crusty boat guys start talking. It may be just the solution to your dreams of long range cruising.
Golly Wobbler 38 - The Golly Wobbler 38 is a big boat, big enough to offer most of the comforts of home in a boat that will get up and go when you need to cover some ground. Enjoy the voyage.
Kokanee 38 - The Kokanee 38 is a great power cruiser yacht powered by a reliable John Deere diesel. She provides a safe and comfortable platform for all your boating adventures.
Josephine 40 - Born of a man's love affair with an antique boat, the Josephine 40 is a modern adaptation in many configurations. All the charm with the ease, convenience, and low upkeep of a modern boat.
Oysta 42 - The Oysta 42 is a true 50/50 motor sailor capable of motoring through any sea condition; with the sail-assist it's capable of doubling its useful cruising range.
Czarinna 43 - The Czarinna 43 is a long range, economical cruiser, careful planned for the comfort to bring the family along for the adventure.
Golly Wobbler 43 - The Golly Wobbler 43 is another well appointed cruising yacht from Sam Devlin. This one is optimized for two couples in long term comfort and features enough power to get up and scoot from one port to the next.
Sockeye 45 - The Sockeye 45 is one of Sam's true masterpieces. She can cruise two couples in complete spacious comfort for 1500 miles in a strong and seaworthy vessel built for classic style and rugged service.
Josephine 47 - The Josephine 47 expands the idea of a relaxed cruiser with the space for some friends, the privacy to stay friends, all in a rugged, seaworthy vessel with very long legs.
Blue Fin 48 - The Blue Fin 48 is an exception to the idea of stuffing as much into a boat as possible. She is intended for allowing a couple or a few friends to really stretch out on an efficient long range power cruiser.
Moon River 48 - The Moon River is another Devlin masterpiece. She's a spacious day cruiser with high end appointments and the power to cover the water at a rapid rate without sacrificing tight maneuvering finesse for ease of handling.
Blue Fin 54 - The Blue Fin 54 is an even more spacious version of the Blue Fin 48. Her hallmark is efficiency and smooth, easy running, proven out in practice by a customer built boat. She will take you as far as you want to go in comfort and style.
Oysta 62 - The Ultimate Oysta, the big'un, the Oysta 62 is an aft-pilothouse dream cruiser for long duration adventures into almost any conditions in total comfort. Being a true 50/50 motorsailor, she's also capable of remarkable economy for such a big girl - not to mention reenacting battles from the age of sail with your friends or hosting an entire family reunion above the Arctic Circle...
Sockeye 62 - The Sockeye 62 is the ultimate expression of Devlin style cruising yachts, his self proclaimed deck from which to pitch at the end of the battle of life. The room for luxury, the range for crossings, and the ruggedness for a safe passage. All she needs is a couple of cannons to complete Sam's journey to Valhalla.