Winter Wren

WinterWrenSideElegance in a small package, the Winter Wren is perfect for the cruising couple. She is trailerable behind small cars, yet spacious enough for extended cruising. For daysailing Winter Wren has comfortable seating and accommodations for four sailors. The cabin is well-organized for comfort and efficiency. The double berth is forward, seat to port and the galley to starboard. There is room for a perky wood stove and cedar bucket for a sink or head.

Two cockpit configurations are available. For sheltered waters, an open, water-tight cockpit with comfortable seating on each side is offered. For off-shore work the cockpit is flush decked with a 24″ x 36″ hatch set next to the companionway. In fair weather the hatch is open and serves as a foot well. In rough weather, batten the hatch and you have a self-bailing cockpit that still has 14″ high seat back rests.

The Winter Wren carries her 195 sq. ft. gaff rig gracefully and has proven herself the equal of boats in her size range. She sails through 90 degree tacks to windward, and off the wind, the gaff rig provides unexcelled performance. The helm is well-balanced and invites the sailor to enjoy a variety of wind and sea conditions.

The Winter Wren is a beautiful boat that will turn heads and capture spirits wherever she sails. — Sam Devlin

The Winter Wren is available as study and construction plans.


Winter Wren Specifications

Length 18 ft. – 8 in. on deck 22 ft. – 7 in. Overall
Beam 6 ft. – 10 in.
Draft 2 ft. – 6 in. full fixed keel
Power Outboard 4hp – 6hp
Displacement 1800 lbs.
Ballast 700 lbs.
Sail Area 195 sq. ft.
Max Load 1250 lbs.
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2 thoughts on “Winter Wren

  1. I downloaded the study plans, but there are a lot of questions, in the mean time 3 questions:
    are metric measurements available?
    what type of construction,
    how many sheets of ply and of what thickness
    kind regards

  2. that is an older design done originally on paper and is only available in imperial feet and inches measurements.. Look at the Song Wren for a slightly similar boat that is available in metric measurements. regards Sam

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