Scout 20

Scout20Beauty1The Scout 20 was built over the stretch of a long year and was launched early fall of 2009 for John and Helen Carlson of Washington State. John had brought in the well thought out design to us from his own hand and we converted his basic hull shape to the Stitch and Glue boat building method. Once we agreed upon a price, we started in immediately by cutting out the bulkheads and other structural members and set them up on a simple building mold in the shop. A couple of days later, the plywood was scarfed for the hull panels and we had the bulkheads skinned over and were starting the cold molded layers (1/4, 6mm) on the bottom of the boat.

Many months later, both John and his wife were present for a quiet and solemn launch ceremony. Just moments after touching the water however, the engine was throttled up and she roared off over the bay. All of us were pleased with the speed and her presence on the water and it’s really quite hard to imagine a larger little boat design that might exist. She has an interior that has two bunks, the proverbial porta-potti, a galley complete with pressure water, wood stove for interior heat, hanging locker, and lots of sitting headspace. She is really quite the little cruiser and offers her owners the pleasure of getting somewhere in a short amount of time and once the hook is firmly set on the bottom, a calm and comfortable evening lounging in either the cockpit or in the cabin.

Her speed with a Yamaha 90hp outboard topped out at 27mph and cruising at a comfortable 18-20mph. For our South Puget Sound waters, she is ideal for poking in an out of all the small coves and sheltered anchorages.

With Johns permission, we are working on the full homebuilder plans for her. I hope that you will enjoy the pictures of her under construction and cruising in the Sound and think that you will agree with me that this little boat has a real presence on the water. — Sam Devlin

Scout 20 build photos.

Let Sam know if you would like to see plans developed for the Scout 20.


Scout 20 Specifications

Length 20 ft. – 2 in.
Beam 8 ft.
Draft 15 in.
Displacement 2985 lbs.
Power Outboard 90hp
Speed 27mph (Top) 18-20mph (cruise)
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6 thoughts on “Scout 20

  1. Hello Mr. Devlin,
    Your Poliwog video taught me how to loft. I am very interested in Scout. Can you draw ne up some plans with a jet drive for these shallow Texas lakes? We need some style Gatsby era style ’round these here parts!

  2. Hi Mr. Clark,

    Sam is currently out in the Canadian wilderness somewhere, but that’s an interesting idea. I’ll remind him when he gets back.


  3. Lovely boat. The engine is too heavy. I reckon it would go much better with about 30 to 40 hp on the back. Anyway… Super little boat !

  4. Hello Mr. Devlin,
    Sorry I didn’t see your response until just now.
    Looks like we are headed for New England as soon as the house sells. Something similar to Scout only a bit larger (30′-40′?) might be better on Buzzards Bay and the surrounding area. I know it sounds kinda “gold chain gang” but with a family, a full on aft cabin and a center cockpit in the style of William Hand sure would be handy. We would rather have the privacy as another “patio.” Maybe one of the 10 meter boats with some modifications would be a good fit? Just to make things difficult, I feel like I know what I want (probably because I have no idea what I’m doing and my unschooled appreciation for marine architecture and design is too firmly rooted in the first quarter of the 20th century! Lol)
    Also, thoroughly enjoy your videos. You’re an excellent teacher! Thanks for helping me better understand the process and for making it look like something I could do myself.
    J. B. C.

  5. Mr. Devlin,

    Am am currently searching for a design to build and do the Great Loop in (solo). I ran across this design and am very curious if plans are available. I absolutely love the design! Do you have any photos or a plan view of the cabin area?

    Kind regards,
    Steve Horn

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