Lit’l Coot Full Keel

The Lit’l Coot Full Keel is a is seaworthy and capable motorsailer with enough space on board for the organized sailor and enough potential to keep serious travelers satisfied. She is the sister to the original Lit’l Coot with the same hull and the same tendency for balanced performance and maximal use of space, but the change to a fixed centerline keel allows her to stand up to weather that the original could not handle. This change also frees up space in the cabin, which makes her more comfortable for longer cruises. Twin rudders surround the outboard motor on the centerline to allow efficient motor cruising on an economical 9.9 hp outboard.

Read Sam’s design notes for the big picture on the Lit’l Coot Full Keel.

The Lit’l Coot Full Keel is available in study and full construction plans.


Lit’l Coot Full Keel Specifications

Length 17 ft. – 10.5 in.
Beam 6 ft. – 11 in.
Draft 2 ft. – 6 in.
Power Outboard 9.9hp
Displacement 2300 lbs.
Ballast 650 lbs.
Sail Area 160 sq. ft.
Height on Trailer 8 ft. – 4 in.
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