Oarling II

OarlingVertSleek lines and a beautiful sheer make the Oarling a delight to row and own. She is light, responsive and easily maneuvered, providing great transportation for the single oarsman or with passengers and cargo. Dory hulls with their characteristic flare pick up displacement very fast and lose little performance when loaded or in rough sea conditions.

At 95 lbs. the Oarling is a very car-toppable boat, easy for one person to handle. She is a little longer and much faster than the Gloucester Gull-type dory and the extra length seems to pay dividends in versatility. Folding pattern oarlocks and eight foot spoon blade oars give her a lot of power. In the Northwest, Oarling has made some respectable showings in rowing regattas and meets.

A flotation seat compartment and the natural buoyancy of her wood make her unsinkable. For leisure rowing, or as an exercise machine, a more graceful and beautiful rowing boat would be hard to find.

The Oarling is available in plans and CNC precision cut kit.


Oarling II Specifications

Length 17 ft. – 3 13/16 in.
Beam 3 ft. – 10.5 in.
Draft 6 in.
Displacement 331 lbs.
Dry Weight 85 lbs.
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3 thoughts on “Oarling II

  1. Hello
    I am very interested in the Oarling for recreational rowing with 2 adults. What is the load capacity and is it designed for 2 people as a rule? Also, where would I find any of your wooden boats in Canada? I live in Ottawa.


    Doug Murdoch

  2. I am curious what it is about Oarling II’s design that makes it much faster than Bolger’s Gloucester Gull.

  3. Hi interested in Oarling 11,is the photo on the lake a hot if Oarling?? It looks different from the other 2 photos of it being rowed. Beautiful boat ,also what is the hull depth at midship? Thank you Jerry

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