GuppyThe “Guppy” is a cousin to our Polliwog and has a similar look and appearance but with an overall length of 19 inches longer, it has a greatly increased capacity to carry weight as a dingy and sail area as a small sailboat. The Guppy is a fine candidate for the all around dingy/skiff/small sailboat, without vice, she does her job efficiently and smoothly. It’s always hard to find a boat that is this versatile but the Guppy seems to do it so handily that it makes the job look easy.

With a small outboard on her stern, she makes a fine dingy for exploring a quiet anchorage and for ferrying people and pets ashore. We’ve had 3 adults and gear on board and she seems to handle it all in style. The Guppy has been designed to be easily and quickly built by amateur boatbuilders with a minimum of tools and experience.

The Guppy is available as study and construction plans.

Guppy Specifications

Length 9 ft. – 1 in.
Beam 4 ft. – 4 in.
Draft   Board up/Down 6 in. / 32 in.
Power Sail, Oars, or 2 hp outboard
Useful Load 585 lbs.
Dry Weight 80 lbs.
Sail Area 54 sq. ft.
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