Dipper 19


Above, Nick Lee rests in his Dipper 19, after a lengthy build in a commercial parking garage.

Originally designed to fit in a 20′ shipping container, the Dipper 19 is roomy inside, with a couple of other noteworthy features. The first is her use of twin 4 cycle outboards on the stern. There is no burying of the outboards in a well or trying to disguise them they are mounted proudly on the stern. Part of this plan is to allow them to be de-mounted for the container stowage, but the other part is to allow them to be as efficient as possible and allows for the increased maneuverability of the twin engines. By placing one engine in the forward and the other in reverse the boat can be turned neatly in a tight circle and if you need the other direction to come into play, then reverse the process and she will turn about the other way. With twin 10hp outboards, the fuel burn at 6 knots speed will be something less than 1 gallon of fuel per hour for an efficiency of 1 gallon of fuel burned for 7 miles of travel. At top speed, the twin 10s will offer 10 knots of speed and twin 15s would offer 12 knots of speed.

The cockpit is left open and unencumbered by seats or other appendages. The whole idea is to have a couple of comfortable folding chairs that have the space of being used in the cockpit well without restricting one into one position or another. Flexibility is really the key! With this arrangement, it leaves enough open space for the two outboards to be laid on their sides for transport.

In the cabin, there is a standup galley that has all the ingredients necessary to function and forward under the trunk cabin, there is space for a porta-potti and twin berths on both sides really a remarkable amount of room inside and out for a boat under 20ft. in length. In the evening, the port-potti could be placed in the pilothouse or cockpit and the filler used in the berth area makes a large almost queen sized bed.

Read about the inspiration for the Dipper 19 in Sam’s design notes.

The Dipper 19 is available as study and full construction plans, and as a precision CNC cut kit.


Dipper 19 Specifications

Length 18 ft. – 8 in.
Beam 7 ft. – 2 11/16 in.
Draft 15 in.
Displacement 2545 lbs.
Power Dual Outboards 10 – 20hp
Max Speed 10 – 12 knots @ 10hp


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  1. Your link to the CNC kit for the Dipper 19 appears to be broken, it returns an error, “Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL.”

  2. i built the yellow dipper with the mermaid on the front . wish i had it now,I’m going to build another one longer and wider .but like the dipper ?

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