Bluebill4ViewsThe Devlin Bluebill is an evolution of his Broadbill sneakbox. First, it can carry two hunters and their gear, as opposed to the Broadbill’s single hunter plus dog design. This boat also incorporates the innovation of an outboard well and its multiple advantages. Sinking the 20hp outboard into the stern of the boat creates a better load and balance setup for this much power on a small boat. It creates ideal spaces for fuel tanks on either side of the well. And finally, Sam feels very strongly that not having an outboard hanging off the back of the boat helps you outsmart those wary late season birds. On top of that, it offers the usual Devlin advantages of ruggedness, versatility, and ease of construction.

Read how the Bluebill was born from tragedy in Sam’s design notes.

The Devlin Bluebill is available in study and construction plans.

Bluebill Specifications

Length 12 ft. – 1 in.
Beam 4 ft. – 11 in.
Draft 6.75 in.
Power 20 hp Outboard
Displacement 155 lbs.
Speed 28 mph (medium load)
Max Load 610 lbs.
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1 thought on “Bluebill

  1. I am looking for a boat to fish out of. Myself and grandson. It will be used in brackish and fresh water. Matagorda bay, South of Houston, and Lake Livingstone, TX. I like the shallow draft, but the bay gets choppy.
    Is the Bluebill a good choice or is there another you would recommend?

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