Site News – August

Hi folks! Two major changes have been happening on

The first is Sam’s Sketchbook. You can find the link in top left corner of the site. This is the place to dip a toe in the endless stream of design work that happens behind the scenes. It’s easy to look at a Devlin Boat and see a lovely boat. It’s another thing to look at the same boat and see all the human handiwork and craftsmanship that go into the build of that specific boat. Even harder is to get a sense of the design process that lies at heart of a boat that eventually drives so many adventures and experiences. Sam’s Sketchbook will help us all look behind his artistic curtain get a sense of what it takes to start with an idea and turn that into a vessel for you particular nautical dreams.

And second, I am very close to launching the new Devlin web store. I had to travel to Tennessee for some family issues, which has put a kink in the rollout. (Turns out my dad hasn’t even heard of the internet, much less connected himself to it, no matter what his wife has to say on the matter..) On the other hand, we’ve built a store that works on modern standards, which means you will recognize the payment system, you can shop it on your phone or other devices, and we can manage it quickly and efficiently behind the scenes. For you, that means that we will be able to add sales, coupons, and other promotions, so be sure to keep an eye out for the deals!



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