Site Update – April 1st Without the Fools

Hi folks,

I just wanted to point out the secondary menu at the very top of the site. The green bar breaks down the Devlin design catalog into a more use-oriented set of designs. Hopefully, it will help you to drill down to the design that works for you. If you can think of a breakdown we are missing, please let us know.

Meantime, the Login/Logout has appeared on the same menu, and a search button has been added to the main menu. Please register, login, and join the discussion about anything you see on the site. We put a few security measures in place to keep the bots from taking over the site, which means that you have to put in the picture text when you login. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it’s a necessity in the modern web. I pay attention to all of it, and much more importantly, Sam does too. You can help us by telling us what matters to you. And finally, we have sharing buttons on every post on the site. Help us out by sharing anything you believe is worth sharing. Sam is a very responsive business leader, and your voice matters in how he works. And as always, every Devlin boat has a story. Telling those stories is one of my favorite things to do. Send me your photos and stories, and I’ll make sure they show up on the site.



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