Pelicano 20 Incoming

Adeline float

Update: Small Boats Monthly is releasing their review of the Pelicano 20! It goes online at noon today! June 1.

The oft-requested Pelicano 20 is coming in every possible way. Study plans are available now on our store.

Full construction plans and a CNC- cut kits are due on June 16th. The kit will sell for $6999 and solves the problem of all those accurate curved cuts on the hull construction. The plans will list for  $325 and will enable you to build your own unique version of this beautiful, versatile boat.  Finally, our Pelicano 20 catalog page is here. It contains the specifications so you can go out and measure your garage. It’ll fit!

Adeline at the dock


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Pelicano 20

Adeline at the dock

With the Pelicano 20, Sam has pulled his usual trick of combining a lot of usability into a very convenient and lovely boat-shaped package. It started as a custom build, which resulted in the Adeline. You can read the customer’s experiences with his Pelicano 20 here.

The Pelicano Bassboat is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to maximize usability in a 20′-2″cruiser. It’s a traditional speedboat, a fishing boat, and versatile explorer for weekends on the water. The design has a spacious cabin forward, with enough space for a v-berth for the occasional camping weekend.  The design has ample dry storage below.

Like all Pelicanos, the maximum HP is 115, and you can realistically expect over 40mph with that kind of power.

At 20′-2″, it not hard to find a garage that will store the Pelicano for the winter, which gives owners more options and saves money.

And finally, the Pelicano is an easily trailerable design, adding to its basic versatility, and helping you to find your own boating adventures.

The Pelicano 20 is currently available as study plans. The full construction plans and a CNC cut hull kit will be available in mid-June 2017.

Adeline Sea Trials

Pelicano 20 Specifications

Length 20 ft. –  2 in.
Beam 7 ft. – 5 in.
Draft 10 in.
Power Outboard (115hp max)
Displacement 2300 lbs.

Adeline float

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Candlefish 13 – 2014

The Candlefish 13 is a versatile small fishing boat. Originally designed to be a cartoppable fishing skiff for high latitude rivers and lakes, she has also proven to be an excellent yacht tender.

With one person aboard, she only draws about 4.5 inches. On an ultimate hunting trip, loaded with gear, she could carry 1323 pounds, draw 10.5 inches  and still have over 13 inches of freeboard at the lowest point of the sheer.

Under normal loading, she planes at 20+mph with an 8hp outboard. Sam recently built one of these as a tender for his beloved Josephine, and reports that he loves it.

Overall, the Candlefish is the ultimate in small, simple boats with serious ruggedness in any environment.

For the full story, read Sam’s design notes on the Candlefish 13.

This Candlefish was built by the crack team at Devlin Boats in 2014. This is a boat that with minimum upkeep will last for generations. The asking price is $14,500, complete with 20hp Yamaha outboard and galvanized trailer. Contact Sam for more information or to arrange a showing.

Contact information is at the bottom of every page.

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Moss Rock

Moss Rock began life as the solution to the living requirements of a client. He wanted to live on the water in a simple, roomy comfortable boat that was easy to maintain. He also wanted a stable platform in which to cruise Puget Sound with his aging parents.

The result is a rig that is simple and inexpensive, a gaff sloop with galvanized rigging. The volume needed for a live-aboard also suggested the scow-type hull. That shape also yields an interior that is roomy and comfortable which, with the right touch, has a cottage coziness. The port aft section easily accommodates a standard double mattress with the settee and chart table completing the port mid-section. The head has a water closet and a self-contained shower unit located in the starboard mid-section next to the galley and the wood or diesel heating stove. The center board trunk divides the cabin providing pantry shelves on the galley side and book shelves on the port side. The cabin has full standing headroom with the large port lights keeping the interior well-lit and homey.

The deck plan shows no footwell aft; a helm seat accompanies the large wheel. Auxiliary power can be in the form of an inboard diesel with the shaft set off-center or a 35 HP outboard in a well.

The foredeck has a large 36 in x 36 in hatch giving access to organized stowage below. There are 10 inch bulwarks fore and aft and a raised deck in the way of a deck house. Moss Rock exudes a charm of her own and would not look out of place in a wooded cove with sails furled and potted plants on the decks. — Sam Devlin

The Moss Rock is available as a custom build from Devlin Boats.


Moss Rock Specifications

Length on Deck 30 ft. – 0 in.
Beam 12 ft. – 0 in.
Draft 24 in.
Power Inboard diesel or outboard 35hp
Hull Type Displacement
Sail area 527 sq. ft.
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Lingcod Series

Freeboard Variations
Freeboard Variations


Any Lingcod series boat is, at its core, a large and fast skiff. It maximizes volume in a rugged hull design that balances performance and ride comfort with versatility. It’s also a larger extension of a venerable line of the Cackler boats. Most importantly, every one of the Lingcod designs is a platform for whole range of uses. In their standard center console form, the Lingcods are workhorses, just as useful as a pickup truck when it comes to hauling loads, going fishing and hunting, or taking supplies out to remote locations. But that’s just the beginning. Start with a dependable high volume hull, and make it whatever you want. Change the seating layout, put a pilothouse on it, or at the extreme, turn it into a compact houseboat, a tiny house on the water, a mobile vacation getaway. The study plans include well designed houseboat conversion concepts just to get you started. Although the Lingcods are rooted in proven Devlin designs, they are a blank canvas waiting for you to paint your perfect boat.

The Lingcod is available in study and full construction plans in 3 sizes:

Lingcod 21 ( aka Little Cod)

Lingcod 24

Lingcod 27

The are also study plans for the Lingcod 32. Contact Lee to purchase a set.

Lingcod 21


Lingcod 24
Lingcod 24

Lingcod 24 Specifications

Length on Deck 24 ft. – 1.125 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 9 in.
Draft 11 in.
Power Outboard
Displacement 3200 lbs.
Hull Type Planing


27 Housboat Plan
27 Housboat Plan

Lingcod 27 Specifications

Length on Deck 27 ft. – 1 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 9 in.
Draft 12 in.
Power Outboard
Displacement 3300 lbs.
Hull Type Planing


Lingcod 32 Houseboat Plan
Lingcod 32 Houseboat Plan
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Red Salmon 33

We are proud to announce the launch of the ‘Anne Elise’, the first of our Red Salmon Fishing Cruiser design. Along with the classic lines and wooden construction of Devlin designs, the ‘Anne Elise’ brings a package of new technology to the world of wooden boats. Using the state-of-the-art Mercury Marine joystick maneuvering system, the boat is capable of moving laterally in any direction and pivoting within the length of the boat. The joystick system allows for unprecedented ease of docking, particularly in challenging conditions. If you had asked me 38 years ago if I would be building a boat with 600hp, joystick maneuvering, and with a top speed of 50mph, I would have said you’re crazy!


RedSalmonJoystickThe Red Salmon 33 starts with performance. In addition to the joystick maneuvering advantage, she is a dynamic boat with unreal hole-shot power, driving quickly and smoothly to her top speed of 50mph. Even at that speed, she remains responsive to the helm, carving smooth and graceful turns through the water. I had told our customer before the launch that he might want to take it easy on the throttles, but after driving the ‘Anne Elise’, I must confess that she is so much fun that I didn’t want to throttle back.

RedSalmonTwinsWe chose the Mercury Marine 300hp twin Verado engines for the combination of power and remarkable fuel economy.  The experts from Mercury assisted the entire engine setup process, tuning the joystick system for optimal results. According to Mercury, the Red Salmon 33 is the world’s first double station vessel equipped with the joystick system, with wheel and joystick in the pilothouse and a secondary joystick aft for extraordinary ease in docking maneuvers. The end result is smooth, powerful, and exhilarating. At slow speed, you can barely hear the engines running. At speed, you are moving away so fast, it’s hard to get a sense of engine noise at all.

In Devlin tradition, this level of performance is married to the shape and feel of a vessel with truly classic lines and appearance. Almost 40 years of refinement in wooden boat building technique, combining the unique advantages of high quality marine plywood and very exacting construction standards with the strength and durability of epoxy composite technology, the Red Salmon is another example of the best of all worlds in pleasure boats. I can’t help but think that her appeal and fine performance is due to her rugged wood/epoxy construction.


RedSalmonTurnShe was built as a Fishing/Cruiser design with both design goals firmly in mind. She has a soft canvas bulkhead at the end of the house with a centerline door that can be zipped tight in rough conditions and easily opened up for close access to the fishing on the aft deck. There are fresh water rinsing stations at the bow and stern, and a 45 gallon freshwater tank to keep the supply at hand. Inside are two lovely berths, a galley and a fully enclosed head for privacy. RedSalmonHelmShowering can be done in the wet/shower or out in the cockpit. There is a propane cabin heater for cool mornings, and a hot water heater to keep the crew happy.

After all the amenities and design, yet more technology improves the experience. The ‘Anne Elise’ sports a Mercury Vessel View 7 inch instrument screen along with a 12 inch Simrad screen for plotter and radar functions, along with Sirius satellite radio and excellent systems engineering to make RedSalmonMTsure that every function of the Red Salmon 33 is accessible and reliable. Like all Devlin boats, this one is built to last, and built to the last detail. – Sam Devlin

The Red Salmon is available as a custom build from Devlin.


Red Salmon 33 Specifications

Length 32 ft. – 11.5 in.
Beam 10 ft. – 5.5 in.
Draft 19.25 in.
Power Twin 300hp outboard
Displacement 11800 lbs.
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Pamlico 32

Pamlico32FrontThe Pamlico design was commissioned by Bruce Mierke, an accomplished and very skilled boatbuilder from the shores of North Carolina, for his own use as a potential stock model design that his shop could offer and as a vessel he’s dreamed about for his own personal use. She is really nothing more than a shallow water cruiser that almost serves the function of being a live-aboard boat. Highlights of the design are bracketed around the hi-thrust 60 HP outboard that should be more than enough power to allow her to run at her maximum hull speed of 7.5 knots and most likely be capable of providing her with bursts of speeds to 10 knots when called for. She is long and lean and will move thru the water without much fuss and or wave making action, an attribute that helps keep neighbors and other boaters in good spirits. The outboard is done in a semi-well type configuration which serves the purpose of allowing the outboard to be somewhat sheltered from the side view and when rotated to the lock up position, it does not allow the lower unit to extend beyond the end of the boat very far. You would be surprised at how often outboards get banged up by extending beyond the ends of the stern of the boat. The cockpit is 7’-2” wide and 5’-3” long and has room for a couple of folding deck chairs while still having enough space to move around. The side decks are only 6” wide back here and with the cockpit coaming extending up beyond the decks, they won’t serve the dual function of seating but there always are the two sponsons on either side of the outboard that can be sat on if necessary. One of the really neat features of the Pamlico design is that she is not restricted to just the aft cockpit area for socializing as she has a bow cockpit also. This one measures about 6ft long by 6ft wide, obviously narrowing at the bow, and is accessed by a hinged door on the front of the pilothouse. A bow facing cockpit like this works on the calm and protected waters that the Pamlico 32 was designed for but it would not be a feature I would look forward to on the more boisterous waters of Puget Sound or waters north. We tried that on the Czarinna 30 design years ago, originally built as a cruiser for Lake Union waters in the middle of Seattle, Washington but she was resold into the application of being a cruiser and she was very quickly converted to a flush raised deck type boat. The forward door would never seal up like I wanted and when running her in any kind of a sea, inevitably some green water would lap over the bow and squirt disconcertedly into my lap at the helm. But in this application, cruising on rivers and the protected inlets of the Carolinas, the Pamlico’s arrangements will work really well and allow us to have passengers on the bow deck, looking out at the waterways well separated from the outboard at the stern of the boat. With a cool breeze in the face, the day is always more pleasant.

Pamlico32BackMoving from the aft cockpit into the cabin of the boat, there is a hinged or sliding hatch in the overhead allowing crew to walk upright forward into the cabin without ducking into a doorway but there is a single step down to the cabin sole level. In the aft area of the cabin, we gave her one of the features that win high marks from customers and friends with a head to the starboard side and opposite the full headroom shower compartment on the port side. With the doors opened, there is room for dressing in the morning with privacy standing in the middle of the boat and with a full length mirror on the backside of the head door, you can run a comb thru your hair and look very presentable before the rest of the crew sees your morning face. Just forward of the head on the starboard side is a fore and aft dinette with room to seat two but by adding a folding leaf to the table, there is space to seat another two on the portside settee itself. The same settee can be used as a day bed type lounging area if one is inclined to take a quick nap in the afternoon and with the table hinged down on the starboard side, the sleeping areas are defined port and starboard. With some cleverness, the portside settee can be built as a slide out type configuration which would make up into a queen sized bed but Bruce insisted on not needing this feature in the plans. His statement about that was if the customer needed that feature he could certainly work that out on his own which is one of the benefits of working with an experienced builder.

Moving forward, the galley is to port with a hanging or storage locker on the starboard side just behind the helm seat. The whole idea of this type of cruising is so very different than the saltwater type of cruising that I am more used to. Here the boats need helm and co/helm seats configured so all can face forward and help the skipper see obstructions in the water and help with navigation. In the waters where Pamlico will make her home, the importance of having facing forward seating is diminished and the importance of other deck and lounging areas increases in value. Headroom in the houses is 6’-3” minimum and there is the feeling of room, space and great visibility from the house areas. Windows can be done as hinged or sliding types to keep lots of air moving about the cabin. Keeping the boat and its systems simple is really one of the keys to keeping her loved and used.


She is relatively lightweight despite her length and with the beam at 8’-4”, she is legally trailerable without any special permits in all states and at all hours of towing. This type of boat use is really tempting to any person that loves the water. Imagine the adventures one could have with a boat of this volume and with these capabilities. We are offering the building plans set at $225 dollars for the download version and $255 for a paper set printed for you. There are a total of 13 sheets of drawings in the set with panel expansions done for you and everything designed for the stitch and glue building method. She is planked up with ½” marine plywood in the hull and has an additional layer of ¼” plywood cold molded on her bottom to keep her stiff and able for trailering. — Sam Devlin

The Pamlico 32 is available as study and full construction plans.


Pamlico 32 Specifications

Length 32 ft. – 8 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 4 in.
Draft 13 in.
Power Outboard 60hp
Ballast 5500 lbs.
Hull Type Displacement
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Gannet 25

Gannet25SternWhat I can say definitively about the Gannet 25 is that she is totally done around the theme of having outboard power and the customer is musing about using either twin 90 or 125 horsepower outboards for the power package which should result respectively in speeds in the mid-30s and 40 knots at the top end of the power spectrum. That would give him a boat that can dash about the waterways with great control and be capable of breathtaking sprints across the waterways that would thrill even the teenagers in the family. Of course she will still be able to be slowed down to something more appropriate for a mellower middle aged crew if needed, but even I can remember days of taking my two teenage boys out tubing and wake boarding for the afternoon and all of us having a great time.


This can all be done with the Gannet 25 design by having seating for a crowd when needed but I can easily picture myself on a clean and warm summer day carving long sweeping turns on a calm lake doing nothing but appreciating the moment in time and space. And that my friends is worth plenty in this busy and hectic role that we all play in a thing called ‘life’. My hat is off to the inspiration of the Gannet 25 and to the people that might realize her construction and ultimately experience her moving through the water with such ease and grace. Then add the capability of setting the hook in some secluded and private cove, bedding down in the evening for a fine sleep and then setting out the next day for more fun. At the end of our cruise, place her on the trailer, take her home for a cleaning and then patiently wait for our next adventure. — Sam Devlin

The Gannet 25 is available in study and full construction plans.


Gannet 25 Specifications

Length 24 ft. – 9 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 6 in.
Draft 11 in.
Power Twin outboard 90-125hp
Displacement 4350 lbs.
Hull Type Planing
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Mud Dauber 23

The whole concept of the Mud Dauber 23 is wrapped around the goal for her to be the quintessential beach boat. It’s the boating equivalent of carrying a good knife, a Leatherman, and a whole box of good tools. The Mud Dauber can take you to wild remote beaches and can haul the gear and supplies necessary to keep you well occupied with these voyages. She is high sided with a bow platform that has removable boards that can be configured to build a bow ramp and you can beach her and unload without hurting your back. Even a tractor or small sawmill could be carried and unloaded if that is something you might want to do.

The Mud Dauber would work very well with something like a 90-115 h.p. outboard or perhaps even better with a pair of 60-70 h.p. outboards that would provide you with redundant power and allow turning and control in tight spots that would not be possible with a single engine. She is very beachable with twin bilge keels and a very prominent centerline keel with sacrificial UHMW plastic shoes on the bottom to keep her protected from beaching strains. There is also generous below deck stowage for gear that needs to stay dry and kept onboard accessible with flush deck hatches. Both of her deck areas are self-bailing and any water that comes onboard runs back off quickly.


Like all Devlin boats, she is constructed strongly, capable of doing hard work for many years. If you see a need for a boat that can “project power” into any remote spot with a beach, then the Mud Dauber 23 is calling your name.*

*Webmaster note: This thing is calling my name and I have literally no possible use for it.

The Mud Dauber 23 is available in study and full construction plans.



Mud Dauber 23 Specifications

Length 23 ft. – 1.5 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 7 in.
Draft 1 ft. – 0 in.
Power Outboard
Displacement 4000 lbs.
Hull Type Planing
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Surf Scoter 22

It hSurfScoter22Harboras been over 20 years now since we first conceived of and built the first of our venerable Surf Scoter 22 vessels and it was high time that we sat down to the drafting table, put the thinking cap on, and re-think and re-conceive the design. Many things have changed over the years and in todays world it’s almost impossible to buy a 2 stroke outboard engine. The 4 cycle outboards have taken over the market and brief forays into small diesel inboards and larger diesel Stern drives have all come and gone. SurfScoter22HelmWhat makes the most sense in todays market, with the cost of everything boat related in the far stratosphere price-wise, is to use the wonderfully quiet, smooth running, and efficient 4 cycle outboards that are so readily available these days. Mounting them on the transom makes the most sense and this gives a cockpit that has the space to accommodate everything in use from the fisherman to the long distance cruiser.

SurfScoter22ForeaftIn addition to updating our traditional Pilothouse model, we have produced a cruiser model with a stretched Pilothouse with a neat enclosed head so that those skippers amongst us that desire our first mates to come along on our cruising adventures will be equipped to keep them comfortable and agreeable! There is still plenty of room for a galley, helm and co-helm seats in the pilothouse with 6-4 headroom. Under the foredeck, you’ll find sitting headroom in the port and starboard berths and with a filler plugged into the middle, a huge double berth can be made up.

This new model is quite a bit wider than the older version and the resulting stability will be appreciated by all. With a 90 hp outboard on the stern, the top speed is 26mph and a cruising speed of 18 mph is quiet and economical with a fuel burn of less than 4 gph at speed.

The plans are complete for both professional and home builders and we offer them in both measurement formats – American and for our International customers, Metric. We are very pleased to have had the chance to revisit this old concept, throw a couple of new ideas at it and we hope that you will love the result as much as we do! — Sam Devlin

Sam’s complete design notes are here.


The Surf Scoter 22 version is available in study and construction plans. Also available as a CNC cut kit.




Surf Scoter 22 Specifications

Length 22 ft. – 8 5/8 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 1.5 in.
Draft 1 ft. – 6 in.
Power Outboard
Displacement 3940 lbs.
Hull Type Semi-displacement
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