Sea Bug 20

SeaBugFrontThe Sea Bug is an adaptation of the Chinook Launch and the Sea Chaser. The latter was commissioned by a Bermudian whose priority was fishing. The Sea Bug continues with this idea in a more compact form. The spacious cockpit allows unobstructed movement for those times when a big fish can’t decide which side of the boat he wants to be on. A central engine box provides a convenient place to sit and wait for the drag to take off. I’ve specified a straight-shaft diesel inboard to drive this displacement hull, though a gasoline engine could be used as well. A removable tiller on an outboard rudder enables a singlehander to leave the wheel helm; especially useful when trolling. The oversized windscreen gives excellent protection from spray and folds down flat for calmer days. A small cabin forward has enough room for a modest berth and a portable head (You’re welcome, ladies). This boat is well-suited for a bimini, t-top, or even a lightweight hard top. The handy little Sea Bug will have an easy motion through the water and I suspect it will be almost as irresistible to fish as to fishermen. – Sam Devlin

The Sea Bug is available in study plans. Talk to Sam if you would like to see it developed into full construction plans.


Sea Bug 20 Specifications

Length 20 ft. – 6 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 0 in.
Draft 24 in.
Power Inboard Diesel or gasoline
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Curlew 20

Curlew20_3wayThe Curlew 20 is a new design done as a very simple and approachable powerboat capable of being the perfect companion to adventures on the water. Originally designed for Florida waters, I think she would fit in just about anywhere. Built as an open boat, a variety of other concepts and options can be worked into this relatively simple hull, all of them allowing the builder and boatman to tailor this vessel to suit their own needs and desires. She is on the narrow side being very similar to the Pangas of Mexico and the Caribbean that I am very familiar with. As a fishing boat on the bonefish flats, she really shines with a casting deck built into the forward area of the boat where you have plenty of room to keep your feet under you while standing up to cast into the clear waters.

Power can be up to a 90 horsepower outboard but keep in mind this hull does not need a lot of horsepower to be driven economically at a good clip over the water. There is a center console arrangement that helps keep the helmsman in an area of the boat with excellent visibility and control.

To understand the Curlew 20 in greater detail, read Sam’s design notes.

The Curlew 20 is available in study and construction plans.



Curlew 20 Specifications

Length 20 ft. – 1 in. LOD
Beam 6 ft. – 3 in.
Draft 8.5 in. outboard up
Displacement 1600 lbs.
Power Outboard up to 90hp
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Candlefish 18

The Candlefish 18 is largest boat in the Candlefish lineup. Her hallmark is simplicity and utility, with a dash of performance from the incorporation of the Pelicano 18 hull. This a hull that works very well as the foundation of a number of Devlin designs. In this application it combines the flexibility of an open boat with the seaworthiness of a relatively tall hull. Sam has worked in large and flexible seating over the top of a huge amount of dry storage with even more storage in the bow. There is plenty of room for reserve buoyancy that, even in an unsinkable design, adds the peace of mind that comes from knowing the boat will float, level and stable, even when full of water. If the smaller Candlefish boats are waterborne pickup trucks, the Candlefish 18 is the moving van.

For the story behind the Candlefish 18, read Sam’s design notes.

The Candlefish 18 is available in study and full construction plans.


Candlefish 18 Specifications

Length 18 ft. – 5 in.
Beam 7 ft. – 5.375 in.
Draft 10 5/8 in.
Power Outboard 40hp – 70hp
Displacement 2275 lbs.
Hull Dry Weight 1325 lbs.
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