Kingfisher 36

This design follows on the heels of the Kingfisher 32 design and just expands the capability and range that her smaller sister would have. There is something magical about 36 feet for cruising on the Northwest Coast — they get the job done, have the range, provide comfort in a seaway, and have enough space for a really great cruising platform. If you look at history, most of the small Salmon Trollers that were used on the Inland Passage were all in this size range and my own beloved Josephine is just about the same length.  Where the Salmon boats favor depth and narrow beam for their seaworthiness requirements, this design has a shallower draft and enough beam to increase the initial stability and trade off a bit of the final stability of its narrower sisters for the comfort and room of another couple feet in width.

I think this design is rather unique in the way that she carries off the second stateroom and head, both them being accessed from aft the pilothouse. This arrangement keeps the housetop of this second stateroom on the aft deck just about perfect counter height and makes for a really usable aft deck. My own converted Salmon Troller Josephine has the same arrangement and we love it for using the house top for sitting on, or as a counter or buffet. With the walk up in deep bulwarks on the starboard side, you don’t feel unsafe at any time while on the stern deck. A rigid roof over the aft deck allows the maximum of use in our occasional inclement weather and with some simple canvas curtains rolled up on the sides, you can create another room when the weather is really uncooperative.

Going forward into the pilothouse, the head is to port with a small ‘L’ shaped dinette at the front edge of it. The galley is to starboard and the helm area in front of that. If you take my advice, you will mount a diesel heating/cooking range in the galley for keeping a pot always warm on the edge and with plenty of room to fit a skillet of scrambled eggs on for breakfast.

I love getting up early in the morning and while the coffee is heating, I take a turn thru the engine room and then with a mug of steaming coffee, I’ll take a few minutes on the aft deck under cover to enjoy all the smells and moist cleanness of the early morning hours.  I typically start the engine before my second cup, pull up the anchor, and get underway before the dew is completely dried on the pilothouse windows.  Soitza, my wife, will be up just about the time I get a hankering for my second cup of coffee and we typically share the last of the pot together with the boat gathering way and getting up to speed.  After an hour or two of running with another pot of coffee boiling on the stove and some eggs being forked into my mouth, there is little wonder why I like cruising so very much! – Sam Devlin

The Kingfisher 36 is available as study plans and as a complete custom build from Devlin.



Kingfisher 36 Specifications

Length 36 ft. – 6 in.
Beam 12 ft. – 4 in.
Draft 42 in.
Power Inboard diesel 110-300hp
Ballast 19700 lbs.
Hull Type Displacement
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Storm Petrel 34

StormPetrel34TravelA very interesting proposition came about this winter just after a dismal, late January “Boats Afloat” boat show in Seattle, one that had very few spectators and terrible weather. A phone call started off the project with a simple question. “Do you know the lobster boat “Diana” that is in Friday Harbor?” I did know her very well as she belongs to one of my customers living in the San Juan Islands of Washington. The year before, we had built the Sockeye 45 “Widgeon” for Henry Wendt and his wife, Holly, and I remember very well their little 28ft. lobster boat that they kept at their dock for daily jaunts out to check the crab potsStormPetrel34Quater and weekly trips to the west side of the island to view the sunsets. Truth is, I had first looked and admired “Diana” out on the East Coast in Maine at the shop of my fellow designer and builder friend, Doug Hyland. I always keep my boat eyes open and occasionally, I see an example of a really beautiful and interesting boat. “Diana” was one of those boats and my memory of her was very keen.

The fellow on the phone, as it turned out, was looking for a boat design that might be appropriate for his StormPetrel34Buildex-wife to use to commute out to her summer home in the San Juan Islands. As she lived on a small island that had no ferry service, she needed a boat to take her back and forth.

So the next week, Rick picked up Cyndie and me from a small local airport and we flew in his Cessna 180 up to Friday Harbor for a closer look at the “Diana”. Henry and Holly showed us the boat and after a short sea-trial and a lovely lunch, we flew home on one of those February days that shouldn’t happen in the Northwest. It was sunny and almost warm, and Rick made the best of a bright, clear day with a ground and water skimming flight that would excite any of us.

StormPetrel34Beauty3After more negotiations, I started work on the preliminary design that you see here and I can now report that the “Diana Too” will be our next boatbuilding project in the shop.

The parameters for the design are very simple and uncomplicated with performance expected in the 24 – 28 knot range for top speed and 18 knots for cruising speed with good fuel economy of about a 5 gallon per hour burn. A diesel stern drive will keep the engine space and noise aft and maneuvering has to be excellent as she will be single-handed most of the time. Accommodations are simple and neat — an enclosed head forward and double berth with the galley out in the pilot area. Seating is back up against the engine box for passengers or just lounging about swinging on an anchor. Cyndie and Rick’s son is 6-5″ tall so the headroom is generous in the helm area, but the proportions seem to be fine even with a rather tall house. Keep watch as this fine, little boat develops… — Sam Devlin

The Storm Petrel 34 is available as a custom build from Devlin.


Storm Petrel 34 Specifications

Length 33 ft. – 6 in.
Beam 10 ft. – 2 in.
Draft 2 ft. 2 in.
Power Diesel/Stern drive
Ballast 10500 lbs.
Hull Type Semi-Displacement
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Red Salmon 33

We are proud to announce the launch of the ‘Anne Elise’, the first of our Red Salmon Fishing Cruiser design. Along with the classic lines and wooden construction of Devlin designs, the ‘Anne Elise’ brings a package of new technology to the world of wooden boats. Using the state-of-the-art Mercury Marine joystick maneuvering system, the boat is capable of moving laterally in any direction and pivoting within the length of the boat. The joystick system allows for unprecedented ease of docking, particularly in challenging conditions. If you had asked me 38 years ago if I would be building a boat with 600hp, joystick maneuvering, and with a top speed of 50mph, I would have said you’re crazy!


RedSalmonJoystickThe Red Salmon 33 starts with performance. In addition to the joystick maneuvering advantage, she is a dynamic boat with unreal hole-shot power, driving quickly and smoothly to her top speed of 50mph. Even at that speed, she remains responsive to the helm, carving smooth and graceful turns through the water. I had told our customer before the launch that he might want to take it easy on the throttles, but after driving the ‘Anne Elise’, I must confess that she is so much fun that I didn’t want to throttle back.

RedSalmonTwinsWe chose the Mercury Marine 300hp twin Verado engines for the combination of power and remarkable fuel economy.  The experts from Mercury assisted the entire engine setup process, tuning the joystick system for optimal results. According to Mercury, the Red Salmon 33 is the world’s first double station vessel equipped with the joystick system, with wheel and joystick in the pilothouse and a secondary joystick aft for extraordinary ease in docking maneuvers. The end result is smooth, powerful, and exhilarating. At slow speed, you can barely hear the engines running. At speed, you are moving away so fast, it’s hard to get a sense of engine noise at all.

In Devlin tradition, this level of performance is married to the shape and feel of a vessel with truly classic lines and appearance. Almost 40 years of refinement in wooden boat building technique, combining the unique advantages of high quality marine plywood and very exacting construction standards with the strength and durability of epoxy composite technology, the Red Salmon is another example of the best of all worlds in pleasure boats. I can’t help but think that her appeal and fine performance is due to her rugged wood/epoxy construction.


RedSalmonTurnShe was built as a Fishing/Cruiser design with both design goals firmly in mind. She has a soft canvas bulkhead at the end of the house with a centerline door that can be zipped tight in rough conditions and easily opened up for close access to the fishing on the aft deck. There are fresh water rinsing stations at the bow and stern, and a 45 gallon freshwater tank to keep the supply at hand. Inside are two lovely berths, a galley and a fully enclosed head for privacy. RedSalmonHelmShowering can be done in the wet/shower or out in the cockpit. There is a propane cabin heater for cool mornings, and a hot water heater to keep the crew happy.

After all the amenities and design, yet more technology improves the experience. The ‘Anne Elise’ sports a Mercury Vessel View 7 inch instrument screen along with a 12 inch Simrad screen for plotter and radar functions, along with Sirius satellite radio and excellent systems engineering to make RedSalmonMTsure that every function of the Red Salmon 33 is accessible and reliable. Like all Devlin boats, this one is built to last, and built to the last detail. – Sam Devlin

The Red Salmon is available as a custom build from Devlin.


Red Salmon 33 Specifications

Length 32 ft. – 11.5 in.
Beam 10 ft. – 5.5 in.
Draft 19.25 in.
Power Twin 300hp outboard
Displacement 11800 lbs.
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Kingfisher 32 Troller

Kingfisher32TrollerFAcropThis design uses the same semi-displacement hull that the Kingfisher 32 Cruiser has but it also has a longer working deck and an innovative outside head. Let’s start at the stern — the typical trolling cockpit aft with engine controls and steering enables the fisherman to work from side to side with safety. There are checker boxes in front of the trolling cockpit and lots of good space on the deck. Up against the pilothouse, there is an outside accessed head compartment with a shower included in the space, and doors, fore and aft, for access to either the engine room or the salmon hold. This outside head really allows it to be used for its primary purpose and provides some privacy without taking too much space from the rest of the boat.

Going forward into the pilothouse, you encounter a galley to starboard and a nice dinette/settee to port.  Helm and co/helm seats are also included and windows on all sides give good visibility and a feeling of spaciousness.  Forward are the typical vee berths with port and starboard berths and plenty of length and width to give a good night’s sleep.

Note the drum windlass on the bow, avoiding the taking of dirty, smelly chain below decks and with a simple hydraulic pump off the engine, this is the simplest and most functional approach.

The rest of the boat you can follow from the drawings and I look forward in working with you on your own version of her. – Sam Devlin (July 2015)

The Kingfisher 32 Troller is available in study plans. Contact Sam if you would like to develop her into your perfect custom boat.


Kingfisher 32 Troller Specifications

Length 32 ft. – 9 in.
Beam 10 ft. – 1 in.
Draft 38 in.
Power Inboard diesel 110-300hp
Ballast 12700 lbs.
Hull Type Semi-Displacement
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Kingfisher 32 Cruiser

Kingfisher32cruiseFAcropI have become intrigued with the smallest passagemaker type vessel that could really tackle some passages on the West Coast, even with the possibility of going up or down the coast from the Northwest to Alaska in the Spring and Mexico in the Fall. This design is my interpretation of the type and she provides all those capabilities. She has two staterooms, a covered afterdeck, dingy stowage above, drum windlass on the bow (so you don’t have to bring that dirty chain below decks), stabilizer poles using paravanes (the simplest and best form of stabilization), two head arrangement, and good room for use. Power can be anything from 110hp for an 8 knot cruiser to a 300hp diesel for a semi-displacement cruiser. Speeds will be matched to the power available and depend on how much gear you drag aboard. Range will vary from something in excess of 700 miles in the slow version to around 300 miles in the faster version. Take a look — she draws heavily from the Northwest Salmon fishing boats that used to populate our coast and I hope you agree that she looks like she wants to have the lines tossed off and head off on an adventure. – Sam Devlin

The Kingfisher 32 Cruiser is available as study plans. Contact Sam is you would like to see the boat developed.



Kingfisher 32 Cruiser Specifications

Length 32 ft. – 9 in.
Beam 10 ft. – 1 in.
Draft 38 in.
Power Inboard diesel 110-300hp
Ballast 12700 lbs.
Hull Type Semi-Displacement
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Gannet 25

Gannet25SternWhat I can say definitively about the Gannet 25 is that she is totally done around the theme of having outboard power and the customer is musing about using either twin 90 or 125 horsepower outboards for the power package which should result respectively in speeds in the mid-30s and 40 knots at the top end of the power spectrum. That would give him a boat that can dash about the waterways with great control and be capable of breathtaking sprints across the waterways that would thrill even the teenagers in the family. Of course she will still be able to be slowed down to something more appropriate for a mellower middle aged crew if needed, but even I can remember days of taking my two teenage boys out tubing and wake boarding for the afternoon and all of us having a great time.


This can all be done with the Gannet 25 design by having seating for a crowd when needed but I can easily picture myself on a clean and warm summer day carving long sweeping turns on a calm lake doing nothing but appreciating the moment in time and space. And that my friends is worth plenty in this busy and hectic role that we all play in a thing called ‘life’. My hat is off to the inspiration of the Gannet 25 and to the people that might realize her construction and ultimately experience her moving through the water with such ease and grace. Then add the capability of setting the hook in some secluded and private cove, bedding down in the evening for a fine sleep and then setting out the next day for more fun. At the end of our cruise, place her on the trailer, take her home for a cleaning and then patiently wait for our next adventure. — Sam Devlin

The Gannet 25 is available in study and full construction plans.


Gannet 25 Specifications

Length 24 ft. – 9 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 6 in.
Draft 11 in.
Power Twin outboard 90-125hp
Displacement 4350 lbs.
Hull Type Planing
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Mud Dauber 23

The whole concept of the Mud Dauber 23 is wrapped around the goal for her to be the quintessential beach boat. It’s the boating equivalent of carrying a good knife, a Leatherman, and a whole box of good tools. The Mud Dauber can take you to wild remote beaches and can haul the gear and supplies necessary to keep you well occupied with these voyages. She is high sided with a bow platform that has removable boards that can be configured to build a bow ramp and you can beach her and unload without hurting your back. Even a tractor or small sawmill could be carried and unloaded if that is something you might want to do.

The Mud Dauber would work very well with something like a 90-115 h.p. outboard or perhaps even better with a pair of 60-70 h.p. outboards that would provide you with redundant power and allow turning and control in tight spots that would not be possible with a single engine. She is very beachable with twin bilge keels and a very prominent centerline keel with sacrificial UHMW plastic shoes on the bottom to keep her protected from beaching strains. There is also generous below deck stowage for gear that needs to stay dry and kept onboard accessible with flush deck hatches. Both of her deck areas are self-bailing and any water that comes onboard runs back off quickly.


Like all Devlin boats, she is constructed strongly, capable of doing hard work for many years. If you see a need for a boat that can “project power” into any remote spot with a beach, then the Mud Dauber 23 is calling your name.*

*Webmaster note: This thing is calling my name and I have literally no possible use for it.

The Mud Dauber 23 is available in study and full construction plans.



Mud Dauber 23 Specifications

Length 23 ft. – 1.5 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 7 in.
Draft 1 ft. – 0 in.
Power Outboard
Displacement 4000 lbs.
Hull Type Planing
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Sea Chaser

SeachaserEngineThe Sea Chaser was designed for a customer in Bermuda who was looking for a boat that was easy to build and seaworthy enough to be usable as a platform for offshore fishing in the Bermudian waters. A wide variety of fish would be sought after so the Sea Chaser had to be fast and convertible enough to carry the different gear and rigging necessary for the different styles of fishing to be encountered. An inboard gas engine was called for both for the weight to horsepower advantage that gasoline engines have and for the economy of initial purchase of the engine itself. A good gasoline inboard can quite often be bought for about 1/2 the cost of an equivalent diesel engine. A Straight line drive system was also specified for its ease of installation and maintenance.

The result was a boat of striking appearance with a tall windshield just aft of a boxy trunk cabin. There is a slightly lobster boat type appearance to the Sea Chaser with a long balanced bow platform to help the lines out a bit and occasionally allow the fisherman to spear swordfish from the pulpit. A long and commodious cockpit that is self bailing allows the boat to be easily hosed out after a long, messy day of fishing.

The cabin has two bunks in it, port and starboard, with a small porta-potti hidden under the cushion and a bit of a galley flat forward. This cabin is a place for gear to be stowed in a lockable cabin and allow the fisherman a place of refuge out of the sun or weather to allow enough rest time to get out and start fishing again. But also don’t forget beach cruising with a boat and small cabin like this can be very enjoyable and the simpler the systems, the less that can go wrong.

The Sea Chaser has been designed to easy and quick to build and while no one should think that a project like this can be built in just a few weeks, this boat is an approachable project that could be built in a few months and could provide a lot of enjoyment for the effort. — Sam Devlin

The Sea Chaser is available in study and construction plans.


Sea Chaser Specifications

Length 22 ft. – 11 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 1 in.
Draft 1 ft. – 11 in.
Power Gas Inboard 150-200hp
Displacement 4700 lbs.
Hull Type Semi-displacement
Top Speed 22 knots
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Bullfrog 20

Bullfrog20Plan1Some people love to fish. It’s a great pastime and a wonderful way to spend time on the water.  As for me, I do quite a bit of fishing myself, except I spend my time trolling for customers.  It is more than a little mystery to me what new type of boat will come into fashion in this sometimes crazy world.  Even in my own life it occasionally feels a bit like being inside a tornado, and even I get a little confused as to what type of boat would suit me best.

Here is our little Bullfrog 20 and she would be a great boat to spend some time on fishing, pottering about on the water, and you could even do a bit of an extended cruise in her, something like a quick trip up into Canada or even all the way to Southeast Alaska.

Features are a high volume boat with plenty of knee room in her cockpit.  Full headroom in a standup head compartment in the flying bridge model.  She features a really nicely usable cabin area in her in both models, with good space use and lots of places to stow gear.  She is very trailerable and would move very nicely with a 90 or 115hp outboard.

Running out over the bar at the coast for a day’s fishing would be one of the major uses of the little Bullfrog 20 and when you’re musing over the her potential, imagine her about 4 ft. longer. Now that would be a really neat dream. – Sam Devlin

The Bullfrog 20 is available in study plans. Talk to Sam if you would like to see her developed into full construction plans.


Bullfrog 20 Specifications

Length 20 ft. – 3 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 5 in.
Draft 20 in.
Power Outboard 90-115hp
Displacement 3600 lbs.
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Sea Bug 20

SeaBugFrontThe Sea Bug is an adaptation of the Chinook Launch and the Sea Chaser. The latter was commissioned by a Bermudian whose priority was fishing. The Sea Bug continues with this idea in a more compact form. The spacious cockpit allows unobstructed movement for those times when a big fish can’t decide which side of the boat he wants to be on. A central engine box provides a convenient place to sit and wait for the drag to take off. I’ve specified a straight-shaft diesel inboard to drive this displacement hull, though a gasoline engine could be used as well. A removable tiller on an outboard rudder enables a singlehander to leave the wheel helm; especially useful when trolling. The oversized windscreen gives excellent protection from spray and folds down flat for calmer days. A small cabin forward has enough room for a modest berth and a portable head (You’re welcome, ladies). This boat is well-suited for a bimini, t-top, or even a lightweight hard top. The handy little Sea Bug will have an easy motion through the water and I suspect it will be almost as irresistible to fish as to fishermen. – Sam Devlin

The Sea Bug is available in study plans. Talk to Sam if you would like to see it developed into full construction plans.


Sea Bug 20 Specifications

Length 20 ft. – 6 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 0 in.
Draft 24 in.
Power Inboard Diesel or gasoline
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