River Crawler 22

A gentleman came into my shop a few years (Decades? Wow, time flies.) ago to discuss a small cruiser for protected waters. His requirements were fourfold: trailerability, shallow draft, a displacement hull, and a proper cruising cabin. Following the usual back and forth involved in a new boat design, we came up with the River Crawler.

This little cruising boat gives her skipper access to the little gems of anchorages that are off limits to larger boats. Drawing less than a foot, she would be equally comfortable in the Florida Keys or upper tributaries of the Columbia River. This shallow underbody is ideal for beaching and the keel protects the running gear. Generous access is given to the diesel sail drive via a large hinged hatch aft or this boat could conceivably be powered by an outboard in a well. An adequate self-draining cockpit leads to a cozy, yet comprehensive cabin. With a fully enclosed head to port and a galley to starboard, the skipper and mate have a lot of comfort for a boat only slightly over 22 feet. The helm and co-helm seats are afforded a great view through large windows. The bow has a large v berth, as indicated in the drawings. With an optional drop-in insert, the sleeping quarters can be made roomy enough for even the most acrobatic of sleepers. The River Crawler would be hard to beat for a couple who wanted to launch on a quiet creek on a Friday, explore for a couple days, then pull her out on the trailer ramp on Sunday. The humble River Crawler gives her skipper the full spectrum of gunkholing possibilities without the headaches that inevitably come with larger boats.

Unfortunately, the gentleman’s circumstances prevented the completion of this design. I’m hoping that somebody will come along and give the River Crawler the chance to come to life; she certainly deserves it. – Sam Devlin

The River Crawler is available as study plans. Contact Sam if you would like to see them developed into construction plans.


River Crawler 22 Specifications

Length 22 ft. – 2 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 2 in.
Draft 22 in.
Power Inboard diesel with sail drive or outboard
Hull Type Semi-Displacement


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Little Cod 21

The Little Cod 21 is a larger version of our popular Cackler line of boats that we already have in 14, 16, 18 ft. versions. This is not just simply a blown-up larger boat though it was born of original thought on what would work as a large and fast skiff, one that could be beached if needed and one that could be trailered to the head of its many adventures.

These Garvey type boats (bow transom, Vee bottomed) make for a really good and rugged skiff. With so much volume forward, the boat can be nosed into the shoreline and the skipper and friends can safely and securely walk off the bow. There are good and sturdy centerline keel and bilge keels that keep the boat off the bottom in a beaching or grounding situation and with a 100-150hp outboard, the Little Cod will run at over 40 mph, depending on the load, with good safety and fuel economy.

A center console rounds out this design but you could work out many different arrangements for passenger seating or even fit a removable small cabin on her like the Honker design. A concept drawing for a Little Cod 21 houseboat is included in the study plans. With enough interest or a build commission, we could definitely flesh out the remainder of the houseboat’s plans. – Sam Devlin

The Little Cod 21 is available as study and construction plans.


Little Cod 21 Specifications

Length 21 ft. – 5 in.
Beam 7 ft. – 7 in.
Draft 9.5 in.
Power Outboard, 100-150hp
Displacement 2600 lbs.
Hull Type Planing
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Chinook 21

ChinookRenderThe Devlin Chinook 21 is a wonderful little cruiser. Her power is a 18hp Yanmar fresh water cooled diesel engine located at the stern of the boat and cruises burning about 1/2 of a gallon of fuel per hour at 6 knots. She runs smooth and quiet. In fact, at lower than 5 knots speed, you are almost tricked into thinking that she has an electric engine. She has 5 ft 6 in headroom in the pilothouse and a double berth and a nice hidey space for a porta-potti. There is no inside steering station — the controls are on the exterior side of the house so you’ve room to sleep in comfort. Her cockpit is large enough to take along up to 5 or 6 of your friends if you desire and her built-in 20 gallon fuel tank will allow many hours of running.

ChinookSternShe also has a small mast that mounts a postage stamp of a steadying sail which helps stabilize her when running in big seas or high winds, but I like it for the capability of setting a cockpit awning that will shade the captain and crew when they need a respite from the sun. With her diesel engine, if desired, you can mount a bus type heater for a little extra comfort. She is very trailerable when you want to relocate her for new adventures.

I never worked up the home-builder plans for this design, but if enough coaxing is done, i.e. priming the old coffer pump, I might be persuaded.  – Sam Devlin

The Chinook 21 is available as study plans.



Chinook 21 Specifications

Length 20 ft. – 9 in.
Beam 7 ft. – 8 in.
Draft 1 ft. 10 in.
Power Inboard 18hp diesel
Displacement 2700 lbs.
Hull Type Displacement
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Marsh Wren

MarshWrenDaySideIt would be safe to call the Marsh Wren an evolutionary design in the Devlin catalog. She’s a refined synthesis of a long history of sailboat design in a form that is small enough for convenience and large enough for an entire family as a daysailer. In cabin form, she’s capable of longer cruises. In either form, the Marsh Wren is  a well balanced and efficient sailboat, light on the helm and easy to handle alone.

The Marsh Wren is the response to a body of customer feedback. Read about it in Sam’s design notes.

The Marsh Wren is available in study and construction plans.


Marsh Wren Specifications

Length 20 ft. – 2 in. LOD
Beam 7 ft. – 5 in.
Draft 34 in. fixed keel
Power 10hp Diesel sail drive or 6hp outboard
Sail Area 244 sq. ft. gaff sloop
Displacement 2050 lbs.
Ballast 700 lbs.
Max Load 1350 lbs.
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Winter Wren

WinterWrenSideElegance in a small package, the Winter Wren is perfect for the cruising couple. She is trailerable behind small cars, yet spacious enough for extended cruising. For daysailing Winter Wren has comfortable seating and accommodations for four sailors. The cabin is well-organized for comfort and efficiency. The double berth is forward, seat to port and the galley to starboard. There is room for a perky wood stove and cedar bucket for a sink or head.

Two cockpit configurations are available. For sheltered waters, an open, water-tight cockpit with comfortable seating on each side is offered. For off-shore work the cockpit is flush decked with a 24″ x 36″ hatch set next to the companionway. In fair weather the hatch is open and serves as a foot well. In rough weather, batten the hatch and you have a self-bailing cockpit that still has 14″ high seat back rests.

The Winter Wren carries her 195 sq. ft. gaff rig gracefully and has proven herself the equal of boats in her size range. She sails through 90 degree tacks to windward, and off the wind, the gaff rig provides unexcelled performance. The helm is well-balanced and invites the sailor to enjoy a variety of wind and sea conditions.

The Winter Wren is a beautiful boat that will turn heads and capture spirits wherever she sails. — Sam Devlin

The Winter Wren is available as study and construction plans.


Winter Wren Specifications

Length 18 ft. – 8 in. on deck 22 ft. – 7 in. Overall
Beam 6 ft. – 10 in.
Draft 2 ft. – 6 in. full fixed keel
Power Outboard 4hp – 6hp
Displacement 1800 lbs.
Ballast 700 lbs.
Sail Area 195 sq. ft.
Max Load 1250 lbs.
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Noddy 16

In my opinion, there are very few vessels designed for use specifically on Puget Sound. Most small outboard boats can be beached, but with some compromise to their structure over time. And when was the last time you looked at a fishing vessel under 20 long with a lockable cabin and self-bailing cockpit?

Our Noddy has been designed for use on Puget Sound. It is my intention that she could sit handily on a mooring through rainstorm and sun without becoming a hassle. Her keel allows beaching and isolates wear in one very strong and maintainable spot, the bottom of the keel. An interesting point is her lockable cabin door that actually hinges down as a flat seat and then up to the rear cabin framing to form a watertight door. This is useful when on a mooring and to make a cabin for informal cruising. The cabin sole is almost 8′ long and has plenty of room for a couple of air mattresses and sleeping bags. Outside, the cockpit is self-bailing and has good access to the 40-50 hp. long shaft outboard. Under the rear deck there is room to store a 12 gallon fuel tank. With trailering weight under 1000 lbs., in essence, she is simple, designed to be used and shows a good turn of speed with reasonable power.

Noddy is also available in 18′ and 20′ versions. — Sam Devlin

The Noddy 16 is available in study and construction plans. Contact us for the 18 and 20 foot versions.


Noddy 16 Specifications

Length 16 ft. – 0 in.
Beam 7 ft. – 3 in.
Draft 14 in. w/ outboard retracted
Power Outboard 50hp
Displacement 928 lbs.
Speed 22mph w/ medium load
Max Load 840 lbs.
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