Human Powered

Here are Sam’s human powered designs, from tiny dinghies and tenders to serious rowers and distance paddlers.


Small Fry Dinghy - The ‘Small Fry’ fits nicely on the bow of his boat, doesn’t get in the way, is light enough to the lowered over the side without lifting tackle, can be towed if needed, and most importantly, is a good safe boat that is worry free.
Micro Petrel - The Micro Petrel is a great 8' yacht tender. She is the design response to the need for a small, rugged, lightweight yacht tender.
Polliwog - The Polliwog is a great entry into wooden boat building! With the Polliwog, it is our intention to offer the amateur builder the opportunity to build a lightweight and strong dinghy or tender. Polliwog's performance is crisp, clean and efficient - you won't be disappointed.
Sandpiper - This 8 foot rowing and sailing dingy was designed as a day sailer and yacht tender. The ease of handling, large carrying capacity, and its versatility for rowing and sailing are accentuated by the fact that Sandpiper weighs only 63 pounds.
Lit’l Petrel - The Devlin Lit'l Petrel is the big sister to the Micro Petrel. She has the same ease of use, the same easy build, and the same utility.
Bella 10 Skiff - Originally designed to teach boatbuilding technique, the Devlin Bella 10 is an easy building, elegant design that comes together in a fast rowing, lightweight skiff.
Peeper - Grace and motion says it all when describing the Devlin Peeper. She is a pleasure to row, light, responsive, and fast enough for good transportation.
Bella 12 - The Devlin Bella 12 is a boat that will row nicely with one or two aboard, yet be able to accept a very small outboard for those longer trips.
Poleboat - The Devlin Poleboat is a modern take on a traditional marsh hunting boat. A simpler boat from a simpler time...
Pond Skipper - A small and easily launched kayak that combines Devlin's rugged stitch and glue construction with an efficient paddle explorer.
Duckling 14 Rower - The Duckling 14 Rower is a proper rowing boat in a compact and easily handled package.
Drifter 15 - The Devlin Drifter 15 is a rugged, easy build design for a classic drift boat, waiting for your fishing adventures.
Sculldugery - The Devlin Sculldugery is a purpose built boat for those of you who like to sneak up on your waterfowl.
Bella 16 - The Bella 16 is the largest in the Bella series, designed to build easily to row well with a load, and to look good while doing it.
Oarling II - Sleek lines and a beautiful sheer make the Oarling a delight to row and own. She is light, responsive and easily maneuvered, providing great transportation for the single oarsman or with passengers and cargo.
Duckling 17 - Sleek lines and a beautiful sheer make the Devlin Duckling a delight to row and own. She is light and responsive and easily handled, providing great exercise for the single oarsman.
Bay Skipper - The Bay Skipper is an interesting design. It converts from a two person paddler to a sliding seat rower in minutes.
Fairhaven Flyer 20 - The Devlin Fairhaven Flyer is an expedition rowing dory, designed for multiple approaches to adventure in human powered form.