As you look through his design catalog, it’s easy to see that Sam Devlin has a huge enthusiasm for cruising. You can cruise up the channel for lunch at a waterfront cafe, or you can cruise for weeks in total luxury. You can cruise under power – lots of power if you want- or under a classic sailing rig, or even a balanced combination of the two. No matter how you define cruising, Sam has a cruiser design that will help you fulfill your dreams of traveling the waters you want in the comfort you desire.

Dipper 17 - The Dipper 17 was designed for the fisherman and pleasure cruiser that wants to get in and out of the weather and for the diehards that want to be out no matter what the weather.
Dipper 19 - Originally designed to fit in a 20' shipping container, the Dipper 19 is roomy inside, making for a comfortable, economical cruiser
Scout 20 - The Scout 20 is the dream of John and Helen Carson. a compact motor cruiser with a lot of function in a small package.
Chinook 21 - The Chinook is wonderful little cruiser, inboard diesel powered and trailerable, with several cabin configurations.
Archimedes 22 - You want your boating with an even more broad blending of classic and high tech? Want to explore power systems from 3 centuries? Check out the Archimedes 22!
River Crawler 22 - The River Crawler is a concept design that combines a shallow draft with a proper cruising cavern. Perhaps it can explore a river near you.
Dunlin 22 - The Dunlin 22 has the soul of a workboat and the comfort of a classic Devlin design. Cruise the waters or tow something inordinately large, in one of two configurations.
Surf Scoter 22 - The venerable Devlin Surf Scoter 22, revised for two cabin configurations and outboard power.
Sooty Tern - The Sooty Tern is a graceful extension of the Arctic Tern sailboat with a Gaff Rig and a few more creature comforts for extended cruising.
Godzilla 25 - The Godzilla is still a mini-tug, but it's a bigger mini tug, if that makes any kind of sense. More power, more space, and more comfort in case you want to do more than just tug things.
Surf Scoter 26 - The largest of the Surf Scoter series, the 26 foot version offers a bundle of smart features for comfortable cruising.
Kingfisher 26 - The Kingfisher 26 is smallest of Devlin's series of double-ended workboat style cruisers. She'll take 3 passengers just about anywhere.
Kestrel - The Kestrel is a concept design exploring the evolution of the Arctic Tern sailboat. If you need a bigger Arctic Tern, please contact us.
Zelda Belle – Surf Scoter 26 – 2006 - The Zelda Belle is a very versatile and livable boat for recreation and long range cruising with enough performance to accommodate your adventures in boating.
Onyx - The Onxy is a capable sailing vessel for longer cruises and variable conditions. She incorporates a simpler overall design with a more elaborate hull form and the kind of interior cabin that will take you on new journeys in comfort.
Means of Grace - The Means of Grace is an older Devlin design that nonetheless leads to an excellent sailing cruiser. It has a stable and high performance hull and the room onboard to stretch out and enjoy the journey.
Czarinna 30 - The Czarinna 30 is a leisurely cruiser that leans in favor of cabin space and economical range. She displays graceful lines from a golden era of yachting and carries you where you want to go with plenty of room to stretch out, stay warm, and enjoy the ride.
Black Crown 30 - The Black Crown 30 is the latest in a long line of high quality power cruisers. Conceived for speedy or leisurely travel in comfort. Designed with the classic Devlin style. The best of the past built for the future.
Pyladian 31 - The Pyladian 31 is a luxury performance cruiser from Devlin Boats. Her 300hp diesel and relatively shallow draft allow you to travel far and fast. Her interior appointments and high level of finish take you there in comfort.
Kingfisher 32 Cruiser - The Kingfisher 32 Cruiser is a livable, long range cruiser, built and styled along the lines of a traditional Northwest salmon fishing boat. A boat built for adventure.
Kingfisher 32 Troller - The Kingfisher 32 Troller is the more work-oriented version of the Kingfisher. Shorter cabin, longer working deck, and a bundle of innovations to make this a boat worth owning.
Whimbrel 32 - The Whimbrel is a custom commissioned schooner, built for extended and graceful cruising on the waters of the Northwest.
Scarlet Macaw 33 - With over 500hp of diesel power under the throttles, the Scarlet Macaw 33 is the boating equivalent of a 7 series Beemer. Big, fast, agile, comfortable, and polished.
Red Salmon 33 - The Red Salmon is a high performance cabin cruiser with solid fishing leanings. In addition to disappearing in a hurry on twin 300hp outboards, she features the Mercury joystick maneuvering system for incredible ease of docking and handling. Hang on!
Topknot 10 Meter - The Topknot is a classic 'picnic boat' style cruiser with modern power and amenities. A great boat for day cruising with a whole lot of friends.
Camarone 34 - The Camarone 34 is a motorsailor for extended cruising and spacious accommodations, designed to operate equally well under sail and diesel power.
Kingfisher 33 - The Kingfisher 33 design became a reality with its launch recently in Olympia.  It’s featured on the cover of the November 2017 issue of Passagemaker Magazine and as part of an in depth article on the history of Devlin Boat in the same issue.  This is a diesel powered inboard cruising boat with a large ... Read more
Storm Petrel 34 - The Storm Petrel combines the working features of a lobster boat with the comfortable amenities of a cruiser, all packaged in Devlin's classic design language.
Czarinna 35 - The Czarinna 35 shifts the balance in favor of cabin space, comfort, and livability in a graceful long range cruising yacht. A traditional expression of nautical grace with the cruising range to enjoy your travels.
Kingfisher 36 - The Kingfisher 36 takes the balanced formula of the smaller Kingfishers and adds more space and range to make for a really great cruising platform.
Peregrin 36 - The Peregrin 36 is a Devlin concept design for a long range sailing yacht with the long, low lines of crisp sailing performance and long term comfort for your adventures in northern waters.
Kokanee 36 - The Kokanee 36 is a concept design aimed at true functionality as a working fishing boat under sail. It's both an homage to the fishing vessels of history, and the modern touches that make it a reliable and comfortable vessel.
Devlin Cruiser 37 - The Devlin Cruiser 37 is a concept design that incorporates the features that Sam appreciates the most, including a version with a flying bridge. She offers a good deal of cabin space and privacy for a couple on the move, in a stable and seaworthy vessel.
Dynamo Too 38 - The Dynamo Too is a concept design from Sam Devlin that hides a luxurious cruiser in the clothes of a traditional working boat. Plus you can catch a whole lot of fish!
Shearwater 38 - The Shearwater 38 is a concept design waiting for a reason for being. Not for lack of purpose... After all, this is the result of what happens when two crusty boat guys start talking. It may be just the solution to your dreams of long range cruising.
Golly Wobbler 38 - The Golly Wobbler 38 is a big boat, big enough to offer most of the comforts of home in a boat that will get up and go when you need to cover some ground. Enjoy the voyage.
Kokanee 38 - The Kokanee 38 is a great power cruiser yacht powered by a reliable John Deere diesel. She provides a safe and comfortable platform for all your boating adventures.
Hope of Glory - The Hope Of Glory is another of our fantailed stern hulls with a lovely balance to her lines and a ketch rig for proper and easy sail handling by a short-handed crew.
Josephine 40 - Born of a man's love affair with an antique boat, the Josephine 40 is a modern adaptation in many configurations. All the charm with the ease, convenience, and low upkeep of a modern boat.
Oysta 42 - The Oysta 42 is a true 50/50 motor sailor capable of motoring through any sea condition; with the sail-assist it's capable of doubling its useful cruising range.
Sockeye 42 - The Sockeye 42 is a power cruiser for those who appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Part traditional workboat, part fisherman, and a whole lot of luxury hotel.
Czarinna 43 - The Czarinna 43 is a long range, economical cruiser, careful planned for the comfort to bring the family along for the adventure.
Golly Wobbler 43 - The Golly Wobbler 43 is another well appointed cruising yacht from Sam Devlin. This one is optimized for two couples in long term comfort and features enough power to get up and scoot from one port to the next.
Kokanee 43 - The Devlin Kokanee 43 is a modern take on the classic halibut schooner. A cruiser with double cabin flexibility, she's smooth, seaworthy, and comfortable for the long haul.
Sketchbook 7-30-16 #2 - Albacore 38 and 44 Powerboats Albacore 38 Length 38’-2” Beam 11’-8” Draft 2’-8” Disp. Est. 18,800 lbs. Albacore 44 Length 44’-3” Beam 13’-7” Draft 3’-2” Disp. Est. 28,800 lbs. I worked up this pair of designs for the landlord of our former boatbuilding shop. He sort of liked my boats but being a bit of ... Read more
Sockeye 45 - The Sockeye 45 is one of Sam's true masterpieces. She can cruise two couples in complete spacious comfort for 1500 miles in a strong and seaworthy vessel built for classic style and rugged service.
Josephine 47 - The Josephine 47 expands the idea of a relaxed cruiser with the space for some friends, the privacy to stay friends, all in a rugged, seaworthy vessel with very long legs.
Blue Fin 48 - The Blue Fin 48 is an exception to the idea of stuffing as much into a boat as possible. She is intended for allowing a couple or a few friends to really stretch out on an efficient long range power cruiser.
Moon River 48 - The Moon River is another Devlin masterpiece. She's a spacious day cruiser with high end appointments and the power to cover the water at a rapid rate without sacrificing tight maneuvering finesse for ease of handling.
Oysta 52 - The Oysta 52 is the second largest of the Oysta lineup to date, a trawler style long distance cruiser capable of taking the entire Brady Bunch comfortably into the far corners of the world.
Blue Fin 54 ‘Lucky Star’ – Built in Russia - Here's a celebration of the beautiful Devlin Blue Fin 54 'Lucky Star', built by Temur Rukhaya and his team in Russia. His boat has traveled extensively and he has provided us all with details on his build, and great videos of the boat, the build and her performance. Click through to enjoy.
Blue Fin 54 - The Blue Fin 54 is an even more spacious version of the Blue Fin 48. Her hallmark is efficiency and smooth, easy running, proven out in practice by a customer built boat. She will take you as far as you want to go in comfort and style.
Oysta 62 - The Ultimate Oysta, the big'un, the Oysta 62 is an aft-pilothouse dream cruiser for long duration adventures into almost any conditions in total comfort. Being a true 50/50 motorsailor, she's also capable of remarkable economy for such a big girl - not to mention reenacting battles from the age of sail with your friends or hosting an entire family reunion above the Arctic Circle...
Sockeye 62 - The Sockeye 62 is the ultimate expression of Devlin style cruising yachts, his self proclaimed deck from which to pitch at the end of the battle of life. The room for luxury, the range for crossings, and the ruggedness for a safe passage. All she needs is a couple of cannons to complete Sam's journey to Valhalla.
Sockeye for 7-footer Sketchbook 7-26-16 Design#2 - Sockeye 63-7 Length 63’-6” Beam 18’-6” Draft 6’-7” Disp. Est. 86,000   A very pleasant Sunday afternoon phone conversation with ‘Jeff’ a prospective boat buyer very soon outlined a potential problem with the design that he was interested in. You see Jeff is 7ft. tall and while I design my boats for tall people the ... Read more