Welcome, once again, to the new site for Devlin Designing Boat Builders in Olympia, Washington! My name is Jim, and I’ll be adding new content and features for a while. The goals of the new site are simple. The first is simplicity and clarity. We do understand that their are many problems for those who are not familiar with Devlin Boats, and we are striving to clean things up. The second major goal is simply to bring things up to date, so that the site can read on phones and other devices, and can be kept up to date much more easily. The third is that we know that a big part of what makes owning a Devlin boat is the community of Devlin customers and supporters out there navigating the waters. As of right now, you can register on the site and add your comments to the discussion.

We hope that you will join is in building and even stronger Devlin community.


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