Sam’s Sockeye 62 Article in Soundings

Sam has been writing a series of articles for Soundings magazine. Collectively, they are entitled “Sketchbook” and he spends time writing about the designs he has dreamed up –  in many cases highly developed plans are drawn – but for numerous reasons, these designs remain on the drawing board. They could be summed as the peak of a 40 year career in boat design, but I’d bet Sam wouldn’t give himself that much credit.

The latest article just appeared in the June 12 issue. It reveals Sam’s work on a 62-foot version of his venerable Sockeye design. It’s a true long-range cruiser drawn on the lines of oceangoing trawlers of decades past, but bringing all the advantages of his stitch-and-glue technology along for the ride.

As with all things Sam Devlin, and with the sheer amount of space on offer, the Sockeye 62 can be fitted out in any number of ways to meet your dreams of a boat that will literally take you anywhere on the water in supreme comfort and yes, style.  Check out the Soundings article:

Check out the updated drawings on the main Sockeye 62 catalog page.


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