Store Update

*** Update Monday Morning ***

We seem to have the download issues ironed out. That said, there may be some minor mistakes in linking products to their respective downloads. I went through them quickly on Friday night. Please let me know if you get the wrong file for your order, and I will fix it.

I’m also aware that we are delivering insecure images alongside secure content. It’s because the images were added before we moved to our new secure server. I can assure you that it does not compromise your security; there are 6 layers of security protecting your account and transactions. But, I can understand if makes you nervous. I’ll be looking for a way to secure those images today.

***Update Friday night***

I fixed all the download links and updated all the orders to make (pretty) sure the downloads work. For those of you who ordered as guest, I sent out new emails, with updated links.


***Update ¬†Friday afternoon***- Ok, we figured out the download problems. It will take a few hours to fix. For those of you who had trouble downloading, I believe I have sent out plans, but if I haven’t, please let me know. I will also go back and fix the existing orders with new download links. If you ordered with an account, you can go to your account and get fresh links soon. If you ordered as a guest, I can send you a new order email with updated download links.

It came to my attention that people are trying to sign in with old store credentials. In short, they are gone with the old store. It’s an entirely new system. There is no way to incorporate them into the new store without making a mess, so please sign up for an account on the new store if you wish. That way, you can get back to your purchases any time.


The store is up. At long last.

The old store links will no longer work. You can reach the new store through the main menu link on the site.

The designs in the catalog with plans are linked directly to the correct products.

You can also find products through the main site search as well as the store search. I may separate the site and store searches. Site search returns a lot of results.

Plans are grouped by boat design. There are three types of products right now. Downloadable study plans, downloadable construction plans, and printed construction plans. The downloads are in zip files that contain pdf files. You can read pdf files on anything, or easily have them printed. Printed files are the plans we print for you and ship.

Everything is linked back to the catalog entry for that boat. You’ll find the return links in the product description.

– Jim



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Happy New Year Site Update

Hi Folks,

We just finished moving to new hosting company to fix some ongoing problems, to improve performance, and to update the store to something a lot less creaky. It was not the smoothest site move I’ve ever done, if I’m being honest. What this means is that we lost some site activity in the process. If you signed up or made a comment recently, it probably got lost in the shuffle. Please feel free to repost anything. The good news is that we’re now on a much more solid foundation and what we do from now on will work. The site came up just a few minutes ago. I see that the new store is not up yet, so I’ll be working on that until it’s right.

I appreciate your patience through all of the changes. Feel free to contact me with any site issues. More information always helps.



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