Sketchbook 7-26-16 Design#2

Sockeye for 7-footer

Sockeye 63-7

Length 63’-6”
Beam 18’-6”
Draft 6’-7”
Disp. Est. 86,000

A very pleasant Sunday afternoon phone conversation with ‘Jeff’ a prospective boat buyer very soon outlined a potential problem with the design that he was interested in. You see Jeff is 7ft. tall and while I design my boats for tall people the 7ft. height is really off the radar for most design projects unless specifically needed or requested by the design customer. Simple design modifications can be done to an existing design to a point but sometimes you really need to think out of the box to accommodate the customer and their very specific requirements and needs.

After hanging up the phone I simply couldn’t put this one away in my mind and so spent the next couple of hours modifying another similar design to fit Jeff’s unique height requirements. In this drawing the cockpit has a 7ft occupant included for scale, all interior headroom’s are In the 7’-4” range including the forward cabin area.

Just a bit of glimpse into the life of an inveterate boat sketcher and designer’s life, this one wrapped around a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon.

Sockeye for 7-footer

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Sketchbook 7-26-16 Design#1

Surf Scout 22

Length 22’-9”
Beam 8’-2”
Draft engine up 1’-6”
Disp. Est. 4000


An email request for building plans on the Scout 20 (which we currently are not offering on our website) was the initial inspiration on what could happen if we modified the current Surf Scoter 22 design (which we do have building plan and kits for) and added 6” of freeboard to the hull, changed the swoop of the sheer in the cockpit edges and lowered the Pilothouse the same 6”. The results look interesting to me with lovely and huge volume inside and a great cockpit a lot of space and utility for a 22ft. boat. We can thank Clive for the inspiration to this one.


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