Site Update March 2016

So, in a long awaited milestone, the Devlin site now encompasses the entire Devlin Design catalog. Well, the entire design catalog that I know about anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Sam has a baker’s dozen more designs tucked into a folder somewhere. In any case, it is with profound satisfaction that I point out the completion of the biggest chunk of the data on this site. I’d like to offer a few tips on how to zero in on the boats you want and explain the next steps for the revamping of Devlin’s online presence.

First off, search is your friend. If you know the model of the design, search will pin it down in one step. If not, every design is tagged with good descriptors. Try searching for “outboard” or “fishing” for example. That said, nothing is perfect, and if I missed an obvious tag for a particular boat, please let me know.

Second, we have some top level links to take you to lists of boats in basic categories of how they are powered. We also have availability lists for plans and kits. I am aware that these can yield very long lists, which is fun in a “browsing through boats” way, but We have plans to subdivide into more specific categories groupings and lists, so that you can easily find boats that work for your ideas of how you want to use a boat.

If you care to sign up and log in, you can comment on anything on the site. I ask that you keep those comments topical and clean. The first comment you post will need to be allowed by me. After that, your posts will appear immediately. We do reserve the right to revoke your permission to post for any reason, but if you are not posting all the usual “bad things” of the modern internet, you have nothing to worry about. If you find yourself removed from the site for no apparent reason, feel free to contact me to make your case. Odds are that it happened because you a) looked like a spammy Russian, or b) I did something stupid.

As many of you have noted, the current store is completely useless on a smartphone. To fix this problem, I am planning to rebuild the entire store on a platform that is completely responsive to tablets and smartphones. In fact, that is the very next step on my list. The store as it exists must die!

Sam has produced an enormous amount of work in the past 4 decades. You can see that easily here. The logical outcome is that there are probably about 10 bazillion errors on the site. I am happy to fix anything you find. On the other hand, anything Sam finds will get fixed first, and he is picky, picky.

That same 40 years of work has produced over 76000 photos. I am not claiming that I rooted out all of the photos that apply to any given boat, or even the best, so if you want your boat to stand as an example of a particular design, I am happy to oblige. I need some info, anything you think is relevant, and some photos with enough resolution to post. The old site had many tiny images. I like big images. Maybe because I’m getting old, and I have bifocals. The new site is standardized on 1200 pixels of resolution. Anything at that size or bigger is perfectly fine. If you don’t know, right-click on your image and select properties/details.

And finally, one of the most compelling things about Devlin’s work is the stories that seem to sprout without any deliberation. We are starting a customer showcase that allows you to share your stories, and I hope that you will choose to do so. Devlin boats allow people to step outside the normal bounds of life into grand adventures, family togetherness, a handing down of tradition, or just good old fashioned adventure. Please feel free to share. If you are not comfortable with the technology, please email me for help or to translate for you. I’m happy to help.


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