Little Cod 21

The Little Cod 21 is a larger version of our popular Cackler line of boats that we already have in 14, 16, 18 ft. versions. This is not just simply a blown-up larger boat though it was born of original thought on what would work as a large and fast skiff, one that could be beached if needed and one that could be trailered to the head of its many adventures.

These Garvey type boats (bow transom, Vee bottomed) make for a really good and rugged skiff. With so much volume forward, the boat can be nosed into the shoreline and the skipper and friends can safely and securely walk off the bow. There are good and sturdy centerline keel and bilge keels that keep the boat off the bottom in a beaching or grounding situation and with a 100-150hp outboard, the Little Cod will run at over 40 mph, depending on the load, with good safety and fuel economy.

A center console rounds out this design but you could work out many different arrangements for passenger seating or even fit a removable small cabin on her like the Honker design. A concept drawing for a Little Cod 21 houseboat is included in the study plans. With enough interest or a build commission, we could definitely flesh out the remainder of the houseboat’s plans. – Sam Devlin

The Little Cod 21 is available as study and construction plans.


Little Cod 21 Specifications

Length 21 ft. – 5 in.
Beam 7 ft. – 7 in.
Draft 9.5 in.
Power Outboard, 100-150hp
Displacement 2600 lbs.
Hull Type Planing
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  1. How about a flying bridge cabin configuration on this like the one shown as an option on the 20′ Bullfrog? I really like that cabin but would rather have the speed and versatility of this hull. Would there be enough hull to also put a sleeper berth with that cabin?

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