Wompus Cat

WompusCatSailSideSailing a boat like the Wompus Cat is simplicity itself. She has just a single mainsheet and tiller to tend, yet with her wide beam she is capable of sailing fast and flat. Her generous cockpit offers plenty of room to bring friends without getting in each other’s way. In the cabin, there is plenty of room for comfortable and livable space, which is quite a trick in boat this size. The Wompus Cat is trailerable, and her draft allows her into shallower waters in your explorations. It’s hard to find an easier path to a full featured sailboat.

Read about the thought that went into the Wompus Cat in Sam’s design notes.

The Wompus Cat is available as study and full construction plans.


Wompus Cat Specifications

Length 18 ft. – 10 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 1 in.
Draft 2 ft. – 6 in. draft board
Power Inboard Diesel 10hp
Displacement 530 lbs.
Sail Area 238 sq. ft.
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1 thought on “Wompus Cat

  1. Interesting to build , but if plans can be change to increase length of the boat (up to 20′-21′ to havea normal toilet) and replace IB engine to OB . Also if study plans include BOM .Thanks .
    Sincerely , Igor Teryohin .

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