Candlefish 13

The Candlefish 13 is a versatile small fishing boat. Originally designed to be a cartoppable fishing skiff for high latitude rivers and lakes, she has also proven to be an excellent yacht tender.

With one person aboard, she only draws about 4.5 inches. On an ultimate hunting trip, loaded with gear, she could carry 1323 pounds, draw 10.5 inches  and still have over 13 inches of freeboard at the lowest point of the sheer.

Under normal loading, she planes at 20+mph with an 8hp outboard. Sam recently built one of these as a tender for his beloved Josephine, and reports that he loves it.


For the full story, read Sam’s design notes on the Candlefish 13.

The Devlin Candlefish 13 is available in study and full construction plans and as a CNC cut hull kit.


Candlefish 13 Specifications

Length 13 ft. – 4 in.
Beam 4 ft. – 11 in.
Draft 4.5 in.
Displacement 445 lbs.
Dry Weight 165 lbs.
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6 thoughts on “Candlefish 13

  1. Sir,
    Could you tell me the amount of materials i.e. plywood, resin, tape, cloth etc that would be required to build Candlefish 13

  2. Hello, I just tried to send a message to you, but I’m not sure if you will have received it because my computer screen went blank before I was able to press `Post Comment’
    I am interested to obtain plans to self build your Candlefish – 13 Dinghy.
    Please could you tell me the cost of sending plans to my address in England.


    Peter Davison

  3. Wonder about true dry weight of this boat … above Study Plan image says 250lb, but Specification says 165lbs. For 7 sheets ply and 10gal epoxy, only 165lbs? Good if true.

  4. If anyone interested, my build of Candlefish13 is chronicled on Twitter hashtag #candlefish13, incl builder’s notes, design mods, etc. Just finished glassing and about to install decks, etc.

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