Denny Heck Visits Devlin Boats

Denny Heck, our 10th District Congressman, stopped the Devlin shop by for a visit today. He and Sam discussed a number of issues related to the state of doing business in our current economic environment. I was not part of the discussion, but I believe it was a good one, because the Congressman’s staffer, David, was fully stressed out by trying to keep his boss on schedule.


More importantly, Mr. Heck got his first opportunity to build a boat. I think Sam surprised him with the fact that they were actually building a boat, a Bella10, right then and there.

At this point, Denny Heck did not realize an actual boat would appear.
By now, it's a boat.
By now, it’s a boat. Amazing how that works!


When David finally convinced the Congressman to leave, Sam was very satisfied that Mr. Heck was truly interested in the concerns of American manufacturers. It was a good visit. Thanks to our Congressman Heck for taking the time to hear what we had to say!


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