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Pelicano Custom

This is where we encompass nearly forty years of focused development on a wide range of designs and the boating experiences they deliver, a uniquely evolved set of techniques to ensure a high quality, enduring vessel, and a sense of classic nautical design that manages to anchor in tradition while bringing the best of modern technology into your next boat.

The site represents the three basic ways you can have a Devlin boat of your own.

SternviewSS26First, Sam and his team of top-notch craftsmen can design and build the boat of your dreams. Literally. Dream it up, and they can deliver it in every detail.

Second, you can build it yourself. You can start with our precision CNC-cut hull kits and build out from there. For the adventurous woodsmith, we have plans available to guide you through a build you can truly call your own.

And third, Devlin boats last a very long time, and life is full of changes. We typically have a selection of “Pre-loved” Devlin boats available for purchase here on the site. And for anything in between, please notice that Sam keeps his contact information on every page of this site. He is as hands-on and available as that implies.

3 Devlin Boats

Those of you who have been here before probably understand how big the challenge has become, telling the story of Sam Devlin, one of the most prolific boat designers in the world, while distilling his huge body of work – 472 boats of great design variety, located all over the world, and a much debated number of designs in the catalog – into something understandable and accessible. As it stands, that job is only partially done.

A great deal of collecting, organizing, and learning has gone into this new version of the site, and the effort will continue until it reflects the depth and breadth of Sam’s work. The trick, of course, is to do that while keeping everything tidy. To that end, we ask you, current Devlin Boat owners and followers of the site, to give us your feedback along the way. In addition, we know that every Devlin boat has a story to tell. Please send in your feedback, boat photos along with your stories to jim@devlinboat.com.

Also, we invite you to register on the site and join the Devlin family discussion as we all find our way into the best of boating experiences on a Devlin designed boat.